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By: Cec Svc  09-12-2011

Maintenance cost is reduced by 99% and is 1% of the initial investment in the strategic asset of LTT design and source code. Code portability cost is nil: one set of SQL source code runs on all RDBMS hardware/software platforms.

LTT applies to the many business markets below.

Complex Accounting for Banking and Finance

Real-Time Performance for Telecommunications

This brings performance of RDBMS for cellular billing into real-time.

Data Driven Inventory for Utilities

This supports distribution in GIS, LIS, and intelligent systems.

Event Driven Scheduling for Government, Military, and Aerospace

This includes mission critical and secure systems.

Factory Manufacturing

This supports all forms of manufacturing including just in time (JIT) and Kanban cell.

On-Line Reservation for Hospitality, Recreation, and Transportation

This includes the industrial sectors of air, bus, rail, and ship.

Order Entry for Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution

This supports catalog, mail order operations, and merchandising, from end to end.

Point of Sale for Insurance and Real Estate

This supports the complex logic of knowledge systems.

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Sales - services

Our analysis of requirements captures the exact business rules in the workplace, then decomposes and codifies them into attributes, entities, and logical processes. Our collection of requirement is thorough enought to produce a user manual describing exactly how the product system is to operate. Our other processes then map these elements direcly into relational databases.