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By: Atlas Pot  09-12-2011
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Polyethylene planters are very lightweight and super durable. Made from a rotational molded, low density plastic, these planters resist fading and can withstand temperatures of +80 to -80 degrees Celsius. BPA-free and recycleable. Custom castors are also available.

MARCHIORO line ~ made in Italy
3 year warranty against fading and cracking
casters are available for all MARCHIORO planters (exept the largest ZARA planter)

planters are30% off. All 'cinnamon' coloured MARCHIORO
planters are 40% off.

KOBE planter (front) in charcoal black with sand planters to left

• 39.5" long x 19.75" wide x 14.5" tall $295 SOLD OUT

• 11.75" wide x 11" tall $90
• 15.75" wide x 13" tall $140
• 19.75" wide x 14.5" tall $195 Available in charcoal black, sand, cinnamon.

• 15.75" diameter x 11.75" tall $95 SOLD OUT
• 19.75" diameter x 14.5" tall $145
• 23.5" diameter x 17.25" tall $202 *no white or cinnamon
• 27.5" diameter x 20.5" tall $250 *no white or cinnamon
Available in charoal black, sand, white, cinnamon

• 19.75" wide x 7.75" tall $105 Available in charcoal black.

• 15.75" wide x 4.25" tall $48 Available in charcoal black.

• 16" wide x 23.5" tall $195
• 20 " wide x 30" tall $275 Available in charcoal black, sand, white, cinnamon. SOLD OUT in cinnamon & black

with false bottom
• 16 " wide x 32" tall $230 Available in charcoal black, sand, cinnamon.

with false bottom
• 15.75" diameter x 31.5" tall $212 SOLD OUT

• 15.75" diameter x 23.5" tall $130
• 19.75" diameter x 29.5" tall $225
29.5" tall size has false bottomAvailable in charcoal black, sand, cinnamon, white. SOLD OUT

• 23.5" long x 13.75" wide x 11" tall sold out
• 31.5" long x 18.5" wide x 13.75" tall $205 Available in charcoal black.

• 19.75" long x 11.75" wide x 17.75" tall
• 27.5" long x 15.75" wide x 23.5" tall SOLD OUTAvailable in charcoal black.

• 15.25" wide x 12.25" tall $55
• 19.75" wide x 15" tall $91.50
• 23.5" wide x 17.75" tall $135
• 27.5" wide x 20.5" tall $185
• 31.5" wide x 22.75" tall $290 *sold out in SAND
• 39.5" wide x 28.25 " tall $505 *sold out in SAND Available in charcoal black and sand.
The ZARA planter is one of the strongest planters made. A ZARA planter full of soil and a tree can be picked by the rim using a forklift.
following is the CRESCENT LINE ~ made in Brazil
10 year warranty against fading and cracking
All CRESCENT planters below are on sale in-store 40% off

• 20" diameter x 17" tallAvailable in orange - 1 only.

• 20" diameter x 17" tallAvailable in bronze.

• 16" diameter x 24.5" tallAvailable in bronze, copper, black.

• 14" diameter x 14" tall
• 16" diameter x 15.75" tall
• 20" diameter x 20" tall Available in red. Black is available in the smaller two sizes.
Available in bronze, copper, black.

• 18" wide x 11" tall

Available in bronze, copper, black.
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Keywords: Bronze, cinnamon, Planters

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