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By: Alexandre Ber SEO Expert  26-12-2013
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SEO has become an ever evolving field and today getting the on page stuff done well is the most important. For any website it is important that presentation is good and when you spend so much making sure how good the site looks why not take that extra care of how it would look in the search results. Rich Snippets do exactly that, they make your site look pretty in the search results highlighting as much info about the site as possible in the result itself making it a more clickable option and infact giving the user more reasons to visit the site. Rich Snippets are also widely known as schema code and are used to display information like bread crumbs of categories, product reviews, product ratings, prices, stock availability, area of the company, author of the blogs, and many more things directly in the results itself. Rich snippets though is very important for ecommerce sites but is not limited to those. It should also be used on regular informational sites of small businesses. To give you an example say you have a site and you want to do local SEO of that site you should add schema code to the contact page making sure google understands and displays all the contact info in the results. See code below to get an idea. This one in contact Page Body ABC Group, P.A. 123 Summerlin Commons Way, Suite 101, Fort Myers, Florida. Phone: 239-111-1111 Also you can add details of local listing in the meta tags to tell google that importance of this site is mainly in this city only. For example add the below code to meta tags. This is if your business is in Fort Myers. Like the above there are several things you can add in the schema code as well as there are several meta tags that you can use to make your site more SEO friendly.

Keywords: Alexandre Ber, Alexandre Ber SEO

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