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  • Act with intelligence

  • The right design for you.

  • The right approach to getting approvals.

  • Designed, small, green and affordable

  Feasibility Study

Act with intelligence. We research your property to provide you with informed options. When it comes to development, anything is possible but some things are more complicated and cost more than others. We help you to sort through the options and find the right option for you that balance complexity, cost, achievability and timeliness.

All feasibility studies include a title search and review of basic facts about property (size, legal description, assessed value, servicing, and site conditions)

Type of study Scope
Basic small unit feasibility study
  1. Do regulations currently permit unit?
  2. If yes, what are current regulatory requirements?
  3. If no, what would be required to get permission
Realtor’s feasibility study
  1. What do current regulations permit?
  2. What are the possibilities for making changes to regulations to achieve a different use or higher density?
Developer’s feasibility study
  1. Can I build my project?
  2. What are my options for changing regulations to build my project?
Complex feasibility study Taking any of the above packages and conducting a detailed in depth analysis of options and likelihood of success. Includes interviewing municipal staff and politicians, reviewing Council minutes and recent legal precedents.

People who would find this type of study useful include:

  • Homeowners who are looking to renovate, expand or build an additional structure (laneway home)
  • Prospective home buyers who want to know more about the potential of an interesting property
  • Realtors who want to a better understanding of the property they are marketing
  • Developers who are assessing the development potential and value of land

Design and Working Drawings

The right design for you. SML’s design philosophy is to build high quality affordable housing units. We have developed a range of pre-designed products from 300 to 750 square feet that can be tailored to meet your needs. Our pre-designed units optimize space and materials so you get more useable building for less cost. We can also design a custom unit for you based on your needs. We combine a factory style of precision construction with the sensitivity to site conditions.

Type of design Scope
Pre-designed unit One of our predesigned units with basic modifications
Hybrid pre-designed unit One of our predesigned units with significant modifications
Modified plans supplied by client We work with your plans to modify them to work with the manufacturing process and applicable regulations
Custom design We work with you to design a unit from scratch

Typical types of units:

  • Laneway or carriage homes
  • Cottages or recreational properties
  • Small office or garden studio
  • Single family dwellings (larger than 900 square feet)
  • Addition to an existing building
  • Significantly modified building
  • Non-residential building
  • Multi-family residential building
  • Combination of residential and non-residential uses

People who would find these design packages useful:

  • Homeowners who want a secondary dwelling on their property or an addition to their existing home
  • Builders and developers looking for cost affordable, high quality designs
  • Builders and developers who need a specialized building design to work with a challenging property

Permitting and Approvals

The right information at the outset leads to a smoother process, more predictable timelines and a greater change of success. We review your development proposal to identify all permitting and approvals requirements and help you to build a complete application. We engage municipal staff throughout this process to make sure every angle is covered and we submit on your behalf so that we can ensure that any question that arises in answered immediately.

Type of package Scope
Basic Advice on approvals and permits for clients whom we were directly involved with both feasibility study and design of unit.
Intermediate Advice on approvals and permits for clients with whom we have no prior history
Advanced We apply on for approvals and permits on behalf of the client
Comprehensive We develop a comprehensive strategy for getting approvals and permits in place. This is for higher risk projects where there is no guarantee of success and significant work is required. Includes community meetings, public hearings, coordinating professional studies and report writing.

People who would find these design packages useful:

  • Homeowners who want a secondary dwelling on their property or an addition to their existing home
  • Builders and developers looking for advice on making a complete application for approvals and permits
  • Builders and developers who need a comprehensive strategy and assistance with getting approval and permits for complex projects

Keywords: Permits

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