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By: Event Planning Group  09-12-2011
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EPG not only provides consulting advice but backs up that advice with delivery and operational support services. EPG’s event services are delivered across all event functions making it a uniquely powerful event partner. We are a privately owned Australian company offering the best international team of experienced event professionals to assist in delivering the best event ever.

EPG assist international organizations in their endeavor to attract large scale events by developing strong candidate files for international event bids. EPG has formed strategic alliances with industry leaders and uses mentor programs to enhance the growth of their staff and their clients.

We have specialist expertise within the EPG network and adopt the following strategic and comprehensive approach to bidding which includes:

  • A thorough understanding of the requirements of the procuring body and stakeholders
  • Assessment of the feasibility of meeting the requirement
  • Development of solutions that can deliver the requirement

Our strategy also involves the selection of the most experienced industry professionals and external advisers in relation to the project. We work with our clients through a selection process to achieve a formidable bidding consortium. This allows us to manage the bid process in line with the developed strategy and budget constraints.

Overlay design and infrastructure planning, combine to offer one of the most comprehensive programs for any large scale event. The responsibilities of the overlay team is to develop the most practical and financially viable build methodologies and solutions for that particular location and integrate with the procurement and architect teams to design the concept.

The Logistics Department has the integral responsibility for all the material planning as well as for the procurement, storage, distribution, tracking, management, retrofit and disposal of all materials and assets for the entire event platform.

The Catering program has the overall responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the provision of all catering and hospitality services to all customer groups within the venue/location. The challenge for the catering department is the ability to consistently produce high quality foodservice and retail concessions with diversified menus, appealing to and satisfying the nutritional, religious and ethnic requirements of Protocol Guests, the Media, Athletes & Officials, Paid & Volunteer Workforce, Spectators and other user groups.

Venue Management and Operations is the functional Department in charge of coordinating and integrating all other functional areas with in the venue. The Venue management team leads all processes through all competition and non-competition venues as a whole.

Security is the department responsible for the safety of all spectators, participants and workforce for the Games. For large scale events security is typically a conglomerate of industry professionals and armed forces who integrate their resources to form an overall security team for the event.

Security also has the task of identifying all risk scenarios for the particular environment, ensuring all contingency solutions are coordinated and active for implementation.

Working very closely with the Overlay and design team, the site management team actually implements the build plan either temporary or permanent at each venue or village. This function is often facilitated through the engagement of external contractors and suppliers.

Accreditation is the process of determining the access rights of each individual and constituent group for all Games accredited venues and villages. The accreditation department also affiliates closely the security department to devise each locations zoning parameters and boundaries.

The Human Resources functionality accounts for planning, recruitment, development, retention and allocation of all paid, temporary and most significantly the volunteer workforce for the event.

IT has the challenging task of developing and building all the Information Technology platforms for all villages, competition venues and non-competition venues. It has a very demanding responsibility throughout the event as all departments in the event arena rely on the complex solutions and strategies delivered by the IT team.

The strategies for all transportation planning is to provide safe, efficient, on-time, and environmentally sensitive transportation and parking services for all serviced client groups prior, during and post the event.

The transport team also manages where appropriate: vehicle ingress & egress routes, vehicle staging areas, passenger load zones, and parking areas.

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