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By: Toro Sales  09-12-2011
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Toro CITROSQUEEZE® for Maritime Uses

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® is an environmentally safe, water soluble, bio-degradable, organic solvent degreaser. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® is a non oil/grease emulsifier and has a pleasing citrus odor. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® contains no harmful petroleum or chlorinated solvents., only a naturally occurring organic based citrus solvent. There are no known carcinogenic properties found in Toro CITROSQUEEZE® as found in various cleaning solvents. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® has complete biodegradability.

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® may be sprayed, dipped, wiped or mopped on. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® replaces a chlorinated or petroleum solvent, mineral spirits, 111 tri, and alkaline products which contain a high pH along with sodium or potassium hydroxides. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® is the cleaner/degreaser for the maritime industry. The product works extremely well where oily separators are in place aboard ship. As previously mentioned, Toro CITROSQUEEZE® is a non-oil/grease emulsifier. Therefore, when used as a cleaner aboard ship, the residue will enter the bilge. When in the bilge, it will cause the oils an grease to rise. When this happens and the oily separator is turned on, close to 100% of the oil and greases will go into the oil storage tank. The overboard discharge will be extremely low in parts per million particles of oil and greases.

At present, most maritime traffic uses bilge cleaners with sodium metasillicates, potassium or sodium hydroxides in them. These products emulsify oils and grease when thee oily separator is on, up to 80% water is collected and only 20% oil. The overboard discharge could be in the thousands of parts per million, and this is what the maritime industry wants to abolish. By using Toro CITROSQUEEZE® the reverse will occur.

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® on board should be diluted 1:5 with water in the engine room, then mopped, brushed, foamed or sprayed. Allow a few minutes for penetration, then rinse with potable water. If one wanted immediate results, (3-4 days) to get the bilge working as soon as possible, pour 2-3 five gallon containers of Toro CITROSQUEEZE® at a dilution rate of 1:5 into the bilge areas. By priming these areas the oily separator will skim off the oil sooner.

Lube oil strainers soaked in a solution of 1:5 solution along with plates from the centrifuge will clean all carbon build-ups. Mops and brushes soaked in a 1:5 solution can be used many times over, simply soak and rinse off residue with hot or cold water hose.

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® should be used on ferries, ocean liners, tugs, barges, freighters and pleasure craft. It should also be used where used oil is taken from boats and placed in hug holding tanks. This oil is usually taken from boats which have no oily separators in place and are not allowed to pump their bilges in territorial waters. Once this area is treated with Toro CITROSQUEEZE®, separation of oil and water will occur, oil recovery would be more profitable.

Other areas in the marine industry to use Toro CITROSQUEEZE® are:
Maintenance, overhaul areas:Dilute 1:5, mop, wipe, spray or foam. 5 minutes for penetration, rinse off with potable water
Tarmac Areas:As above, oil and grease build-up will dictate dilution rates.
Truck and Car Decks:As above
Ferry Slips and Docks:As above
Passenger Terminals:Floors and washrooms 1:10
Galley floor and components:As above
Dining Room Areas:1:10 - 1:15, spray on, wipe off: 1:4 in order to remove crayon, felt pen and magic marker, No dwell time, wipe on and off.

Did you know..

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® was used on the famous "Project Yukon", a Canadian Navy Destroyer that was purposely sunk off the Mission Beach in San Diego, CA. Our product was chosen over many products to prepare the ship for sinking because of the environmentally characteristics.

Keywords: Oil

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