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By: Toro Sales  09-12-2011
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Toro CITROSQUEEZE® Turnout Gear Cleaner

CITROSQUEEZE® is specially formulated from biodegrade able, environmentally safe ingredients to remove harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons resulting from fires and chemical spills. Unlike other manufacturers, our product CITROSQUEEZE® is a one stop shop for cleaning gear except for dried on tar. We at Toro Sales Inc. realize there are hundreds of cleaners in the market place today. Some are very acidic or very alkaline, but do they do not have the approvals that CITROSQUEEZE® has. Some cleaners are powders which may get caught in between the weave. In time some of these undissolved powders can get caught between the weave of the shell, therefore making the gear less waterproof. CITROSQUEEZE® has no powder in its formula and it is only a pH of 8.5. From our testimonials, the user states that after cleaning the gear, it smells so nice. This is because of the natural ingredients that are part of the formulation.

CITROSQUEEZE® will clean diesel contaminated clothing. In order to get the diesel off, the gear should be soaked for up to 1 hour. It should be soaked in a container, such as a plastic garbage container or 55 gallon plastic drum. The dilution rate should be 1 part Citrosqueeze and 8 or 10 parts water. One gallon of Citrosqueeze to 8 or 10 gallons of water. Once the gear has been cleaned, wring the gear over the container, put the gear in the washer extractor, do not put additional CITROSQUEEZE® into the washer as there is enough left on the gear.In extreme instances where garment is heavily soiled, such as in a training institution, Citrosqueeze may extend garment life by an average of 14 months. Toro CITROSQUEEZE® Turnout gear cleaner is specially formulated from biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients to remove harmful and stubborn residue resulting from fires and chemical spills.
  • Soiled turnout gear reflects less radiant heat.
  • Hydrocarbon saturated gear tends to absorb rather than reflect heat from the surrounding fire.
  • Heavy contaminated gear is more likely to conduct electricity, endangering personnel near live wires
  • Gear impregnated with oil, grease, soot and smoke CAN IGNITE! Severe burns can result, even if your gear is flame resistant.
  • Consistent cleaning with Citrosqueeze may increase the life of the gear up to 14 months.
  • When using Citrosqueeze you do not have to have other cleaners as some companies suggest, Citrosqueeze will take off all the soils except where you have dried on tar. In order to get dried on tar off, because it is a petroleum product, you would have to use a petroleum based product like mineral spirits.

Keywords: Cleaning Gear, Gear Cleaner, Turnout Gear,

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Toro Sales Inc - citrosolv

Toro CITROSOLVToro CITROSOLV is an environmentally friendly general purpose cleaner/degreaser containing natural organic solvents for heavy duty cleaning performance. It will emulsify oil and grease from floors, coastal barges, engine rooms, just about any area where grease, oils and just plain dirty soils occur. Toro CITROSOLV is the cleaner for use in institutional, hotel, commercial, industrial or food service area.


Toro Sales Inc - maritime

Toro CITROSQUEEZE® contains no harmful petroleum or chlorinated solvents., only a naturally occurring organic based citrus solvent. When this happens and the oily separator is turned on, close to 100% of the oil and greases will go into the oil storage tank. These products emulsify oils and grease when thee oily separator is on, up to 80% water is collected and only 20% oil.


Toro Sales Inc

T oro products have been in the market for more than 21 years now and time and time again, we have be praised by all of our customers who have used it. Unlike most other products in the market today, all Toro products are environmentally friendly and have proven to work in all situations. Toro Citrosqueeze contains no harmful petroleum or chlorinated solvents., only a naturally occurring organic based citrus solvent.


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Toro CITROSOLV Fuel Tank CleanerToro CITROSOLV is an environmentally friendly bio-degradable, cleaner/degreaser, containing natural organic solvents for all types of cleaning in the marine industry. Toro CITROSOLV is the alternative to the heavy caustics, petroleum and chlorinated cleaners. This method is being done by shutting off all cargo lines except one.


Toro Sales Inc - cleaning

The reason for this is not because Citrosqueeze won't clean them, it's because the liners soak up so much of the CITROSQUEEZE®, but if you want your gear to smell nice and fresh, use the CITROSQUEEZE®. When putting the gear in the washer, do not add any more CITROSQUEEZE® to the wash, as there is enough in the gear to give a proper clean.