Why You Should Make Your Own Wines!

By: The Wine Factory  08-03-2012
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At The Wine Factory some of our best sellers are classic Italian blends from famous regions in Italy. The following chart has some information about these commercially available wines:

BCGLS Prices*

Style                                                             Body                                    Lowest                               Average                              Highest

Chianti                                                         2-3                                          $12.99                                   $52.67                                  $394.99

Valpolicella                                                2-4                                          $7.99                                     $37.57                                  $229.99

Barolo                                                          3-5                                          $29.99                                  $94.99                                  $249.99

Brunello                                                       4-5                                          $52.95                                  $85.70                                  $149.99

Amarone                                                      5+                                           $35.00                                 $59.44                                  $98.99

*Prices are BC Government Liquor Store prices for Standard 750ml bottle Dec10, 2011.

Obviously with prices as high as $395 per bottle there are some wonderful wines available at the BCGLS specialty stores. On the other hand, most consumers can’t afford even the cheapest of these wines on a daily basis.

By making your own wine you can make these great wines affordably. As for quality, our customers tell us that many of our wines compare well with the middle to higher priced wines they get at the liquor store.

At The Wine Factory we have at least 2 different selections of each of these classics. Each “batch” you make delivers 22.5L of wine or 30 standard 750ml bottles. As an example, for the price of about 4.5 bottles of the cheapest Brunello, or 8 bottles of the low end BC liquor store Barolo, you can make a batch of 30 bottles of our best of either variety. While these are more extreme examples, generally speaking wines you make yourself will cost you a half to a third what similar wines cost at the liquor store. Having said that, why shouldn’t you enjoy some of the best Italy has to offer?

We’ve used Italian red wines to illustrate this example but the same opportunities exist in more commonly known varietals like Merlot, Shiraz, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio and many others.

No matter what your taste in wine we can help you economize on your wine budget. Why not explore the world of wine with us. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s fast and it will save you money. (75-85%, or more, of the cost of wine purchased at a BC Liquor Store is markups, taxes and levies that flow directly to the Federal and Provincial Treasuries, the total taxes paid on a bottle of wine you make at The Wine Factory is less than $0.12). Making your wine at an Craft Store like ours supports a small local business, creates jobs and supports your local community.

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