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By: Petchef Express  09-12-2011
Keywords: Salmon, Cat Food


We are proud to offer four quality products: Salmon & Potato Premium Natural Blend Dog Food, Chicken, Rice & Salmon Premium Natural Blend Cat Food, Premium Natural Cinna Biscuits For Dogs, and Woody Pet Kitty Litter.

Premium Natural Chicken, Rice & Salmon Cat Food
$29.00* ( 3.6kg )

Salmon & Potato Premium Natural Blend Dog Food
$50.00* ( 13kg )
$20.00* ( 4kg )

Premium Natural Cinna Biscuits for Dogs
$8.00* ( 235g )

* Suggested retail prices.  Prices do not include tax.

Woody Pet Kitty Litter
$8.00* ( 6.8kg )

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Keywords: Cat Food, Salmon