MoleSense from Opticom Data Research

By: Opticom Data Research  19-05-2010
Keywords: Skin Care, Software, Pictures

MoleSense measures and analyzes the ABCD features of moles on the skin: asymmetry, border irregularity, color variations and dimension (length, perimeter and area). It is ideal for people with dysplastic nevus syndrome who may have hundreds of moles and who need to monitor the size and shape of the moles. The MoleSense product includes hardware (a camera rail and an optional remote switch) and software (for image acquisition and analysis). Using your own digital camera along with the MoleSense hardware and software, you can take pictures of your moles from which the software can measure and analyze the size and shape of the moles. MoleSense can be used as a part of a mole mapping procedure, in which individuals with dysplastic nevus syndrome map the size and location of moles over their entire body.

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