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By: Olson Auctions  09-12-2011

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A step by step guide to how our business works.

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Non Profit Organizations

Our live auction program is the best in the industry and can include:

Industry Leading Auction Software

Registration and Cashiers

World Class Auctioneers

Professional Ringman

Each auction is different so we modify our team according to your auction needs.

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Did you know that 90% of a successful auction happens well before the bidding begins?

Having worked with many of the largest events in Canada, we have found that every great event includes the following:





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"Have gavel, will travel"

Our profession has taken us around the world. Quite simply, for the right event, we can go just about anywhere. Most of our events take place in hotels, arenas and convention centres throughout British Columbia.

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Why should you hire a professional team when it comes time to your fundraiser?

Most of the events we work with require hundreds of hours of preparation. From start to finnish, these events are often the key fundraising events of the entire year. The 60 minutes allocated to the live auction and fund a need portion of your event are when all that hard work pays off. The difference between having a good auctioneer and the best in the business can literally be tens of thousands. If your event has to be done right, then hire the best. Don't take our word for it, see our testimonials page.

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In order to raise the most amount of money for your event, you have to be willing to implement the key ingredients of all successful events.





In our pre event consultation, we will share with you what each of these means and why they are so important. You may already have a great program in place in which case, you likely have most of these areas covered. However, one simple suggestion can help to dramatically increase your returns.

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Many of our events are repeat clients. As such our schedule is often booked for key dates as much as 12 months in advance. See our auction calendar for upcoming events or give us a call to book your dates.

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Our indsutry leading auction software Auction Tracker, helps to eliminate long line ups at check out time and helps to generate data for future events.

We can process payments on your behalf if needed through our secure merchant account and accept Visa/Mastercard/Amex


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Our services range in price depending on your needs. We do offer a variety of different options and as such, have an option for every budget. Big event or small, we can do them all.

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