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By: M Jackson Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation, learning disability

The goal of the Psychological Vocational Assessment is to make recommendations about rehabilitation, employment, and training.  It can include testing of intellectual and academic skills, personality and emotional functioning, and vocational interests.  Other testing is done depending upon the specific needs of the person.  Testing is flexible and is adjusted as needed; for example, for people with visual impairments we can use large print or audio materials.

Psychological Assessments are conducted to meet a variety of purposes.  They can include diagnosis, recommendations about intervention or rehabilitation.  Testing is tailored to answer the specific referral questions.

Learning Disability Assessments are tailored to assess for a Learning Disability.  We aim to provide clear statements about whether criteria for a Learning Disability have been met.  We also comment on other barriers to learning, and provide recommendations about accommodations, remediation, and ways to build on strengths.

This assessment again incorporates all the services provided in a clinical/vocational assessment, but also includes further detailed assessments of cognitive functioning (i.e. attention and concentration, learning and memory, language, visual-spatial skills, organization and planning, and decision making).  This assessment is appropriate when there are additional questions about the client’s cognitive functioning with regard to suspected or known trauma to the brain (e.g. fetal or other prolonged substance exposure, traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, and other neurological impairments.

An assessment tends to take at least a day. There will be an interview, one-on-one testing, and questionnaires. There will be opportunities for breaks and lunch, and if necessary, testing can take place over more than one appointment. Be sure to let us know if you have special needs, or if you are getting tired and need a break. Please bring glasses, if you use them for reading, and a lunch and any snacks that you need. There are also several eating places within walking distance of our offices.

Keywords: learning disability, Rehabilitation