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By: Iplusplus Tech  09-12-2011

SOFTREND System Inc.
BlackBerry Client for Foundation3000 ERP Solution

Foundation3000 is the One Business ERP solution for medium to large scale corporate house or company. It has got exclusive device feature options. The main system can be accessed; any where from the world through different client agent, like desktop computer, iPhone, BlackBerry ,Nokia and other java enabled devices. iPlusPlus has the opportunity to develop the BlackBerry module. This is an exclusive and enhance featured agent for the Foundation3000 ERP solution. Order Entry, AR Transaction, Sale's History, Item List as well as quotation can be viewed from the BlackBerry Mobile Device.

Manusher Jonno Foundation MJF-MIS Solution
A complete, comprehensive and robust web base MIS Solution has been designed and developed for Manusher Jonno Foundation. Which includes Partner Selection, Project Management, Grants Management. HR Management, Event & Task Management, Store Management and Payroll. This solution significantly shows the positive impact by reducing the employee work load in different key point. It have several automated processes in different maximum work load segment. These heterogeneous processes are been harmonized together for unification and also synchronization to perform as a whole for achieving the desired goal. The major challenge for the successful of this project was User Experience that is User Friendly interfaces. Now the designed system is running in their intranet system and around 60 users working simultaneously.

Dhaka Tax Tax filing software for Bangladesh
A complete Tax filing software incorporating Bangladesh Govt. rules. The basic feature is to file the personal to corporate taxes.
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