Chiropractic Philosophy

By: Heritage Wellness Center  22-09-2012
Keywords: Massage, Counselling, chiropractor

I practice Chiropractic in the hopes of helping others achieve their greatest potential as human beings. It is most often first about getting rid of a pain or a symptom, but my hope for every practice member is that they learn that Chiropractic is so much more than a treatment for back and neck pains. I assure you that I know what it is like to be in horrific pain as I spent 8 months of my life still working in practice with excruciating neck and arm pain and as a result of my profession and youthful athletics I suffer with recurrrent back pains. Chiropractic has helped me heal thyself. In my 20 years, I have become exceptional at dealing with most physical complaints, but my greatest joy comes from working with practice members who embrace chiropractic and make a commitment to the Art of Living Well. Patients actually do experience not only feeling better physically, but they experience greater joy, improved whole body function, and mental clarity. The relationships that form during that time are enriching for me. When practice members commit to that, I know they will have a higher Quality of Life and more than likely experience a longer, fuller life.

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