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By: Golden Legacy  09-12-2011
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Photo, Negative & Slide Scanning, VHS, Hi8, miniDV to DVD Transfer,

8mm film from reels to DVD, Vinyl Records & Tapes to CD, MovieSlideshow

We know how important your precious memories are and we will make sure you receive a good return on your investment.

We will professionally and enthusiastically process your material (photos/videos/audio) with great attention to details to ensure the safeguarding of your material and the highest quality of the results. Our highly qualified technicians using our advanced technology can help restore color faded and scratched photos.

Note: Unlike other members in the industry, all our services are provided locally.

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 8mm/Super8/16mm "Frame by Frame" Video Transfer Technology
Each frame of your reel is digitally captured one frame at a time producing clear, flicker free, crisp images.

A cool LED light source and our unique post-processing technique will help bring back most of the faded colors/contrast and reduce "camera-shake" (when originally recorded).

The quality of your precious video tapes will start to deteriorate after 8 years even if they are just sitting on the shelf. By transferring all your videos to DVD you can relive those unique moments where you, your family and friends are the stars.

If you have photos in shoe boxes, your closet or cellar, now is the time to take your beloved memories out of there and easily share them with your family and friends. We will scan your photo prints at 300dpi which is good enough for most regular needs, but we can also scan them at 600dpi or higher if you prefer. It makes a Unique Anniversary Gift.

It is too much work to organize and mount all those boxes of slides to show them on an old projector. We will scan your 35mm slides at 1200dpi which is good enough for most regular needs, but we can also scan them at 2400dpi or higher if you prefer

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