SleuthGear Live Vehicle Tracker Item # GPS600

By: Global Pi Supply  09-12-2011
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GPS vehicle tracking system-GPS600

This Real Time GPS tracking device is not a ping-based product but a true GSM/GPRS+GPS quad band system that is fully functional in the USA,Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East (operational location must be specified at activation).
Our SleuthGear vehicle tracking device updates its location every 10 seconds, or every 20 feet is speed is less than 10mph, while you watch it in real-time using the web-based application. It is very easy for the end user to use because there is no software to install and is very user friendly. It includes features like virtual fence alert zones and speed alerts sent via SMS text message or email, individual vehicle or enhanced vehicle reports, start/stop vehicle reports and more.
Applications for this device range from covert tracking, fleet/personnel management, theft notification & recovery, athletics tracking, medical patient tracking, infant/children tracking, asset tracking, freight tracking, basically any tracking you can think off.

Flat-Rate Unlimited-Use service fee of $39.95 per month with no contract after purchase price plus  activation fee. This unit CANNOT be returned if you activate. Please read the whole page to be sure this is the unit for you.

• Transmits location every 10sec if > 10mph
• Transmits location every 20 feet if < 10mph
• Up to 10 day battery life @ 10second updates
or 8 hour continuous use battery life
• Internal motion sensor to extend battery life
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 1340mAh 3.7V
• GSM Channels: 850/1900 (USA) or 900/1800
• NO external antennae
• 90 Days historical data on server
• Virtual Fence Alert Zones
• Speed Alert via SMS or email
• Vehicle Start & Stop reports
• Individual & Enhanced vehicle reports
• Fleet tracking of 1 to 3000 devices
• Diagnostics via LEDs, SMS or email
• Operational Temp: -22F - 158F
• SleuthGear GPS Vehicle Tracker
• USB Wall Charger
• USB Cable
• Belt Clip
If you using this unit for a vehicle tracker, you will need the Water-Proof Magnet mount -for vehicle use
2 2/5" x 4" x 1"

Need hardwired? For a less covert or where battery life may come into play, choose the GPS610

# GPS 610- Hardwired

 Please read the WHOLE page before you order.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: tracking

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