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By: Douglas College Bookstore  09-12-2011
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U-Pass BC FAQs

What is U-Pass BC?

U-Pass BC is a universal transit program offered by Douglas College in partnership with the Douglas Students’ Union (DSU), TransLink and the Province of British Columbia. It provides affordable access to public transit in Metro Vancouver for eligible students. 

What does U-Pass BC get me?

U-Pass BC provides unlimited, all-zone access to TransLink bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus services, as well as discounts on the West Coast Express.

When and where do I get my U-Pass BC?

There will be U-Pass BC dispensing machines located at each campus. The dispensing machines will issue you one U-Pass BC per month. Your U-Pass BC should be available by the middle of each month, prior to its activation date.

You’ll need a current student ID card to get your pass from the machine.  When travelling via transit, you must always carry your student ID card with your U-Pass BC.  

Each month, you can get the following month's U-Pass BC on the 17th (i.e., November's U-Pass will be available October 17) at noon.

Who is eligible for U-Pass BC?

All students who are registered in a minimum of 3 credits and who are paying student union fees are required to participate in the program (regardless of whether you live in or outside of Metro Vancouver).

Students registered in ESL courses and Developmental Studies courses (levels 3 and 4 only) are also required to participate in the program if the courses are 12 instructional hours per week or more.

Who is not eligible for U-Pass BC?

  • students taking online courses only
  • non-credit students (Continuing Education and Training Group)
  • outgoing exchange and field school students

If I’m not eligible, can I opt in to the U-Pass BC program?

No. Students who are not eligible (e.g., Continuing Education students) will not be able to opt in to the U-Pass BC program.

How much is U-Pass BC?

The U-Pass BC fee is $30 per month. The cost per semester for eligible students will vary depending on program length.

How do I pay for my U-Pass BC?

After you have registered in your courses, our system will then charge your account with  the applicable fees for U-Pass BC. Before paying, please check back later the same day or early the following day to find out your final fee assessment.

All outstanding fees (including U-Pass BC) are due by the Fee Payment Deadline each semester. All fees associated with registration for the current term must be paid in full, or a fee deferral submitted, before you can get your U-Pass BC.

Can I opt out of the U-Pass BC program?

No. All eligible students are required to participate. Exemptions will be granted if you hold a transit pass that is valid for the duration of the U-Pass BC program.  

You may also be exempt if you have a documented physical or psychological condition that prevents you from using public transit, or if you have already purchased a U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution.

If you fall into one of these categories, you will need to complete the applicable exemption form(s); however, the exemption deadline has passed for the Fall 2011 semester.

    Why is U-Pass BC mandatory?

    On December 1, 2010, the DSU held a U-Pass BC referendum with more than 94 percent of students voting “yes” to the new program. The referendum was based on having a mandatory U-Pass BC for all eligible students, with no option of opting out.

    What if I lose my U-Pass BC or my Douglas College Student ID?

    If your U-Pass BC is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced. If you have lost your Douglas College student ID, it is your responsibility to report this immediately to the Finance Department.

    If I drop my classes, can I get my money back for my U-Pass BC?

    If you drop your classes, you will be issued a refund once you have returned your U-Pass BC to Douglas College. It’s important to note that the amount refunded for your U-Pass BC will be based on the date you return the pass.

    More important information about your U-Pass BC

    The U-Pass BC remains the property of TransLink at all times. Failure to present both your U-Pass BC and Douglas College student ID when using transit may result in confiscation of U-Pass BC, and additional fines charged by TransLink.

    Your U-Pass BC is non-transferable, and only you as an eligible student holding a Douglas College student ID card are entitled to use it. 

    Giving or selling your U-Pass BC To another person is considered fare fraud. Students committing fare fraud will have their U-Pass BC confiscated and may be charged additional fines by TransLink.

    Make sure to print your name on the back of your U-Pass BC card as soon as you get it. This helps prevent fraudulent use of it.

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Keywords: continuing education

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