By: Dlf Communications  09-12-2011
Keywords: Management Training, crisis management, media training


We help you:

  • Analyze issues and policies affecting your stakeholders
  • Identify vulnerabilities that may threaten your good name
  • Manage crisis communications
  • Recommend ways to build (or rebuild) a positive reputation
  • Help you implement strategies and tactics to take advantage of opportunities or solve problems – E.g. a media relations campaign, a new blog, update your organization’s website or audit your in-house communications department’s inventory.
  • Develop training programs to facilitate the flow of information both within and beyond your organization
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your communications and suggest ways to improve.

Our crisis communications management services include crisis prevention, crisis management and response, as well as crisis management training and presentations:

Crisis Prevention

  • A review or audit of your current crisis plan or your organization's state of preparedness
  • The creation of a new, comprehensive crisis communications plan
  • Media training for spokespersons
  • Coordination with your operations and security team to ensure integration of the communications with the real-time responses and actions of the organization
  • Working with your in-house or outside legal advisors, we make sure any legal aspects of your crisis prevention program are addressed.

Crisis Management and Response

  • Working with senior management, an immediate assessment of the situation is prepared
  • Key messages are crafted and reviewed
  • Communications tactics – both internal and external – are created for all key stakeholder groups
  • Specific media training or refresher training provided to the spokesperson
  • Communication is maintained with the internal operations team as well as legal counsel to ensure seamless coordination
  • If your organization does not have in-house senior communications counsel, we can provide on-site (or long-distance) communications management and response activities.

Crisis Management Training and Presentations

  • Media training
  • Industry-specific presentations on crisis management and crisis preparedness
  • Customized presentations for small groups

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