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By: Twelve Tribes  09-12-2011

The early ‘70s would not have been such a special time in the Chattanooga area without The Yellow Deli. Remember those luscious fruit salads, great sandwiches, fresh salads, and homemade..
Your actions speak louder than your words. What you do expresses who you are. People know who you are by how you live your life — the work you do, the clothes you wear, what you spend your time..
In the middle of a fallow field ownedby Farmer Brown there was once alarge anthill, teeming with burly redants. Highly intelligent, sophisticatedcreatures they were, maintaining amodern civilized..
Does it make any difference to you, rich as you are, that the very Word of God incarnate spoke these words as a woe, to “scare the hell out of you” (if I may be so brazen)? Then what will..
This paper is written in the hope that it will liberate people to know the true character of the Creator of mankind. Almost everyone has heard of "heaven and hell", but the good news we..
Every year at Christmas time more than two billion people celebrate the coming of this mysterious man called Jesus, but hardly anyone has a clue about why he came. Christmas carols play in the..
There is nothing more exciting for a true believer than to look back in the scriptures and see how prophecy was fulfilled. It gives credence to God and His witness. One of the most exciting..
Why are we (mankind) existing today? Or are we? Who really knows? Why are we going shopping in the malls today to buy clothes? To look pretty… impressive… but for whom, if we don’..
I need a hero. I need someone I want to be like. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m not. You may be thinking, “Why don’t you be yourself?” It’s because everyone..
“Grateful” is such a wonderful word. Just the sound of it makes you feel good. Think back to a time when you were very young, when you were just learning how to swim. You got in too deep..
We just passed a century that could be classified as the century of dictators, and someone had to pay the price to restrain unbridled oppression and to preserve a world that was worth living in..
In the Vine House days , during the waning of the “Jesus Movement” of the ’70s,1 following Jesus seemed hip2 enough. That was in the beginning, but that was because many of us had..
We are members of a new society. It is a different kind of society, one in which no one is despised or unimportant, no one lonely or unwanted. The strong are not exalted and the weak are not..
Have you heard about the radical new movement that’s going on? People of different backgrounds and races from all over the world are leaving everything behind to form tight-knit communities..
Have you ever wondered why the initial effect of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was speaking in other tongues? Could it have been that God had something really important to..
The Wages of Sin is Death Because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holly One see decay. (Acts 2:26, quoting Psalm 16:10)
After sunset, when evening had come, Jesus was reclining at a table with His twelve disciples. It was a very special meal, but unbeknownst to them, it would be their last together. They shared sweet..
Back in the early ’70s, in the prime of the Jesus Movement, I responded to my first altar call at a youth rally in downtown Washington, DC. Growing up Catholic, altar calls were unheard of. But..
It was as if we were all in an airplane sitting on the runway and everyone on board was getting high waiting for the airplane to take off. We were high on the Summer of Love, the end of the war, the..
What was once a humorous bumper sticker on granddad’s RV, has now become a frightening reality — we’re spending our children’s inheritance. Driven by our desires for wealth,..
You want someone to talk to in the worst way, but there is only yourself and you'd give your eye teeth for a way to shake off that nagging voice that says you're never going to get out of..
In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.
In the midst of the ongoing investigation, the Defendant made a statement to actually “be the living body of Christ.” The Defendant has refused to comment on any allegations of murder..
Our banner is love for our Father.
This statue is from a dream that the King of Babylon had 2500 years ago, found in the second chapter of the book of Daniel in the Bible.
As I watched the unthinkable horror of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon unfold, I found myself thinking back to the previous night’s much smaller, yet still..
We are a messianic community and by community we do not mean a town or locality. Nor do we mean a loose association of individuals living near one another. And we surely do not mean a religious..
Vivimos juntos en una nueva sociedad, en la que nadie es ignorado o despreciado. El fuerte no es exaltado y el débil no es explotado. Estamos aprendiendo una forma diferente de relacionarnos..
Our nation is in desperate need of revival!” the cry resounds from Christians in America. Anyone who cares has no trouble seeing the moral condition of this country.
As I walked down Hollywood Boulevard, I couldn’t help counting the bronze stars embedded in the sidewalk, each with the name of a famous star of the entertainment world.
Society breaks down as individuals ignore their conscience, like the man in the story on page. Today, many basic foundations of a healthy society have already been destroyed. You can’t even..
Lyrics like this inspired a generation, but they didn’t say anything new. How often have you heard “There must be more to life than this?” For many, it is still the cry of their..
But where are they now? Some would like to think they are at a big party in the sky. Some say, “Heaven must have one hell of a band.” Some may hope for an eternal life full of “sex..
The Encyclopedia Britannica clearly describes the churches of today, with their system of clergy and laity.
Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of Christians don’t keep the Sabbath, even though it is one of the Ten Commandments? Does it really matter to God which day His people honor above..
Could it be possible — a brotherhood of man? Go back… way back… before, before, before, all the pain and bloodshed on this earth. Go back to tranquility, to peace, to love. Where..
Like a baby eagle set free to fly, we found it liberating to just be “simple believers” who could daily live out our faith, rather than trying to spend our time trying to justify the..
Life on earth is certainly a great struggle. The tiny chick struggles to peck its way out of its shell. The butterfly wrestles persistently to break free of its cocoon. The salmon rushes upstream,..
There was something in the air… something like hope, like electric excitement, a vision of a better life, a new society, we called it the Woodstock nation. That summer, the image of the earth..
WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Rarely has there been so much controversy and emotion generated over a religious movie. Some are outraged by the movie’s violence, while others wholeheartedly embrace..
We live in an age of oppression — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We are oppressed from without and within. Screaming out for justice in an age of supreme injustice on all sides..
The story of the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah, the Son of God, and the church His apostles began at the Day of Pentecost, is the greatest story ever told.
Have you ever wondered why the church today is not the same as it was when it first began?
This paper is a collection of articles written over the last several years. The topic of them all is The Man. These articles bring to life the most difficult thing to imagine in the whole universe,..
Destiny is like destination. It is the place where a person arrives at the end of a journey. When you walk towards a specific destination, each step you take brings you closer to where you are going..
My gaze is fixed on the horizon, as the sun disappears into the sea. The sunset is quite stunning tonight, setting the evening sky ablaze with vivid hues of orange and red and purple. Slowly the..
These are noble words, and nothing could be closer to the heart of the Creator than to have a holy nation that matches that description. Indeed, the Law and the Prophets, and the Savior who came to..
That we live together is an amazing thing because our living together is not just a matter of sharing a physical space or a common purse. We’re not all lumped together by financial necessity or..
In the truth that we all know, there is something deep in the heart of every person that longs to make a covenant with another person. A blood covenant is the closest, most enduring, most solemn and..
Does anybody really know? “The Wall” reaches deep into the inner turmoil of a person in life – what do I do, how do I deal with the struggle, people, with relationships? It touches..
We are part of an international network of communities known as the Twelve Tribes.
A litmus test is a test in which a single factor is decisive in proving the presence or absence of something. “I have eternal life,” many say, but passing the litmus test determines..
Today, as I was walking along the way, I saw her again. Yes, there she is.. I saw her yesterday, too. And perhaps, almost certainly, I will see her tomorrow. She’s always somewhere. She haunts..
From the big box retail stores in suburbia to the new mega-churches that are beginning to dot the American landscape, from the barroom to the ballroom, from sea to shining sea, regardless of race,..
“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple. Whoever does not carry..
The story of the life, death, and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of God, and the church His apostles began at the Day of Pentecost, is the greatest story ever told.
Back in the ’50s and the ’60s, through the radio waves, could be heard the soothing melody and the romantic lyrics of the song, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing. Its poetic lines enunciate..
If only a handful of disciples in the first century were said to have “turned the world upside down,” what could we expect to be the impact of such a vast army of disciples? What would we..
By the Waters of Babylon For forty years, the “weeping prophet” Jeremiah had warned his people of the judgment that was coming upon them for their idolatry and rebellion, but few heeded..
The noise of the crowd began to die down as He stopped and got off the donkey He had been riding. Everyone became still. All eyes were on Him as He stared into the distance. The evening sun made..
The man walked up and greeted someone who was sitting at the bus stop, and the person said “hello” back. In an effort to be social, the man continued to talk. However the one sitting down..
It was as if we were all in an airplane sitting on the runway and everyone on board was getting high waiting for the airplane to take off. We were high on the Summer of Love, the end of the war, the..
The Greek philosopher Socrates had a strong sense of the value of a virtuous life. In his old age, he was tried and judged worthy of death for his deeply held convictions, and for expressing them..
Is the Indian guru the way to true enlightenment, sitting on a little blanket surrounded by starry-eyed devotees, all hoping to disappear into selfl essness? When a star implodes, it becomes a black..
Here we are, clinging to our warm, grassy planet in the suburbs of the Milky Way in an endlessly expanding universe, some of us wondering what we’re here for and others of us just trying to..
The Christian media is becoming increasingly obsessed with anticipating the second coming of Christ. Harold Camping, who for 50 years has answered listeners’ Bible questions on his well-known..
Humanity is being stewed.. but the damage is gradual and hardly perceptible. Just like FROG STEW, the frog doesn’t know he’s gonna get cooked when he jumped in that pot of water, because..
Most of us children of the ’60s came from middle class American families with middle class American roots and middle class American values ingrained in us since childhood. When the time was..
What is the sign of the end?  Do you fear?  Do you hope?
As you can see, Colossus confidently stands upon the earth, unchallenged and undefeated. What does this statue mean, and why is it composed of different metals? This statue is from a dream that the..
Loneliness is being a divorcee, peering, crying through the wire fence surrounding a kindergarten playground. Inside, your five-year-old son plays in the sand, unaware of your presence. You had been..
One Who Was Willing to do the Father's Will A semi-fictional tale of our heroine, Lindsey. Follow her life struggles as she encounters a group of believers living as the early believers in the..
In 1971, Look magazine proclaimed, “Jesus is rising in California!” The Jesus Movement, as it was called, was heralded as the beginning of a radical shift in the hearts of America’s..
Many of us have experienced some tragic circumstance at one time or another in our lives — some great and some small. The woman in the song describes the personal tragedy of her house burning..
The new social order we are talking about is not ideal. It is real. Many people have looked for a place to live out what was in their hearts. Oh, so many have to come to the shores of this land..

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