Earth Day – Everyday

By: The Watering Hole  09-12-2011

Water – essential for life – and never a day out of the headlines. We know the current picture: the world is facing a global fresh water crisis, predicted to escalate in the coming decades. The earth’s population, expected to double before 2050, will tax the earth’s fresh water reserves to crisis level.The situation demands our attention. [..]

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Healthy Water

The most important thing you must learn is to hydrate the body with alkalizing water” Dr. Robert O. Young, author of the book The PH Miracle WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPERIENCE THESE BENEFITS. The over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease. According to peer reviewed scientific studies.


Mysterious & Sacred

It’s the briny broth of our origins, the pounding circulatory system of the world, a precarious molecular edge on which we survive. It makes up two-thirds of our bodies, just like the map of the world; our vital fluids are saline, like the ocean.