Green Factors

By: Shalimarhealthspa  09-12-2011
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How Does Eminence Play a Part? Green Production
Eminence's ingredient farm in Hungary is powered by solar and wind energy and uses geothermal heating in their laboratory. They use only natural compost during planting, and harvest only from controlled areas to avoid damaging any native or endangered flowers and herbs. Both planting and harvesting are done by manual labor which produces little to no carbon dioxide in comparison to traditional mechanical means and use only natural plant preservation techniques such as honey traps instead of harsh toxic chemical pesticides. Green Packaging
Eminence boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and can be recycled at any local recycling depot. Their wooden boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and the retail stands are crafted from a renewable source. The plastic containers are made out of recycled, non-toxic plastic and are also recyclable at any local recycling depot. Finally, the packing chips are made of corn and dissolve harmlessly under running hot water. Green Warehouse
Eminence reuses or recycles all packing boxes that are received and use packing chips that are made of 100% biodegradable corn. Their new eco-friendly software system eliminates the need for printed invoices, saving 15-20 trees per year!

Green Office

Eminence offsets their electricity usage with wind power credits and print their letterhead on post-consumer recycled paper using vegetable-based inks. They recycle approximately 2 tons of paper each year which is equivalent to providing heat and hot water to 2 homes for one year, or saving 30 trees, 5 barrels of oil, 63 gallons of water of 50 kg of air pollutant per year! They also use fans instead of air conditioning as well as energy-efficient light bulbs and flat screen computer monitors that use 50% less electricity than regular monitors.

Green Transportation

Their local courier company uses environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles that reduce emissions up to 50% when compared to conventional cars. Larger shipments are sent on trucks running bio diesel made from recycled household vegetable oil. When shipping products by air, Eminence uses Lufthansa which is the leading airline in the fight to keep the planet green. Their office staff receive green transportation support-most use the public transit, walk, bike or run to and from work everyday!

Keywords: Packing Chips, Recycling,

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