All-in-one Solutions For Complete ELV Processing

By: Recyclers Source  09-12-2011
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Maximize efficiency and simplicity of your complete ELV process with your choice of customized integrated drainage stations from Recyclers Source. With systems designed for every size and type of dismantling operation, these all-in-one stations minimize shop space you need for fluid evacuation and recovery of high-value materials from your end-of-life vehicles.

Mobile 0200 Evacuation Set

The ideal solution for smaller recycling enterprises with processing volumes ranging from 1-5 cars per day. Offering all the advantages of larger systems such as safety certification, best in industry evacuation rates and processing efficiencies this set can be acquired in its entirety for gasoline, oils, coolant and windshield wash or one by one making it more affordable when spreading out the investment over a few years.

Do more in less space with high efficiency drainage tools in a new compact layout from SEDA. Designed to make integrated processing more affordable for recyclers, each station can serve up to two bays to all fuels, oils, coolant and brake fluids.

SEDA Easy Drain

Here is the full-time integrated solution for the dedicated ELV shop, designed for a single operator to process as many as 30 cars in one 8-hour shift. Two operators can share this station to process up to 60 cars per shift. Fully drain fuel and oils in less than 7 minutes! The optional working platform provides comfortable access to the engine compartment to easily recover additional fluids and Freon.

SEDA Rapid Quick

For maximum ELV processing capacity and flexiblity, design your facility with the Rapid Quick station shared between two racks or lifts. Drains all waste oils, fuels, coolant, brake fluid, powersteering fluid and windshield wash in 6 to 7 minutes. Minimize operator idle time by installing multiple stations in series for non-stop processing of up to 70 cars per shift.

SEDA Mobile Drainage Systems

Take safe, efficient ELV processing on the road with this complete recovery and capture system mounted on a single transportable platform. Ideal for mobile services and crushing crews or for preserving flexibility in your yard layout. Process up to 30 cars/day with one operator; 50 cars/day with two operators.

Keywords: Fluid Evacuation, Recyclers,

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The Dollars And Sense Of Green ELV Investment

Can equipment that makes your operation safer and greener also make you more profitable. By investing in today’s best ELV processing tools, your shop will. Consolidate multiple drainage sites into a single work station. Increase processing speed and throughput with every vehicle. Reduce labor cost faster, more efficient equipment. Reduce costs of personal property liability.


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Flash fires, noxious fumes, slip & fall accidents, environmental contamination – all these dangers pose very real threats to the security and profitability of your business.


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As needs and expectations accelerate for improved safety and profitability, Recyclers Source helps you keep pace with today’s most advanced in end-of-life systems and solutions. Recyclers Source brings you a global perspective and worldwide experience to match the unique needs of your auto dismantling and recycling operation with the right tools. Our staff will work with you on your jobsite to help you make the best decisions for your business.


Environmental Health: It’s Your World

Making the best decision to ensure ongoing compliance with current and anticipated environmental standards has become a complex challenge to business owners and managers. Recyclers Source can guide you to the equipment that is designed to meet your goals for environmental protection and legal compliance for many years to come. The recycling industry began leading the world to environmental responsibility long before it became fashionable.


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A 2009 survey reported by Automotive Recyclers of Canada and the US Automotive Recyclers Association shows overwhelmingly that Canadian Recyclers are dn by two main motivators when they consider investments in their facilities. Provide a healthier work environment for employees. Elimination of workplace safety concerns.