By: Deep Water Press  09-12-2011
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A professional one of a kind book cover design that will maximize your book's sales potential:

Deep Water Press uses Photoshop for all graphics. Cover designs are a bit like clothing and what is popular often changes from year to year. Keeping an eye on what is current is part of our responsibility.

A ‘professional standards’ page layout for your book:

Deep Water Press uses PageMaker or Quark to create the page layout. The time it takes to put the manuscript into book form is dependant upon the type of book you have written. For example, a basic page layout is one which requires minimal formatting to the text. This style of page layout is usually found in books such as novels or poetry books.

A more advanced page layout is one that requires extensive formatting to the text such as inserting indents and bullets, working with tables, charts, or graphs. Books such as how-to books or history books commonly require an advanced page layout.

A third style of page layout is for children's books. These usually require scanning and insertion of illustrations.

Indexing and/or Table of Contents as required:

Many professional non fiction books require a Table of Contents or an Index in the back. Cook books would be an example of this.

We will accept as many illustrations as you require:

I find it very interesting that some POD publishers will not accept illustration inside the book. I love illustrations. Yes, they are more work and that can lead to increased expense to you. But they can sometimes just give the book that look of quality that will convince the consumer, who briefly flicks through the book while contemplating purchase, to buy it.

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN):

In January, 2007, the Canadian ISBN Agency in Ottawa changed their requirement. All books registered with them require a 13 digit ISBN. This is your books code name. Deep Water Press will register you with this agency and place your number in your book.

A UPC or EAN bar code image created for your book’s back cover:

Other product identifiers commonly used in the book industry are:

UPC—Universal Product Code

EAN: International Article Number

Registration with the Library and Archives Canada, Legal Deposit:

The Legal Deposit is a comprehensive collection of Canada’s published material. It keeps a copy of all books, pamphlets, serial publications, micoforms, sound recordings, video recordings or electronic publications issued in physical forms such as CD-ROM, etc. When your publication is deposited, a brief description is entered in AMICUS, Library and Archives Canada’s database. The Library and Archives have been collecting and preserving Canada’s published heritage for more than 450 years.

Deep Water Press requires two copies of your publication so that they can be sent to them.

Registration in Canadian Books in Print:

Each year in June, Canadian publishers contribute to CBIP listing from the University of Toronto Press.

Keywords: Water Press