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By: Armispian Systems  09-12-2011
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Armispian Systems sets up new and used computer systems for a number of clients. This includes hardware installation, software installation and configuration, configuration of installed hardware. We have worked with a number of different systems including using Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Installed hardware from printer, monitors, and scanners, to video cards, sound cards, and drive controllers. Armispian Systems technicians do not knowingly install pirated software, or illegally obtained hardware.

Thoughts About Systems

Armispian Systems will install legal software for you, but will look for the best quality that meets the needs of the client for the lowest price. Often this will mean the use of open source software. Some of the software that you are currently using may be open source. Despite what some commercial software developers try to tell you open source software is not painful to use.

In terms of hardware Armispian Systems strongly believes in quality of hardware. While often you can find something cheaper elsewhere, often the quality is not there, and what you are paying for is something that will not last as long as you would like to continue to use it for. For example, you may buy cheap RAM and end up having it fail on you a year or two down the road, only to have to replace that RAM. We do not feel this is cost effective, so tend to stick with reliable brand names when it comes to hardware choices

About Open Source Software

Armispian Systems believes that often open source software, specifically software which has an OSI approved licence is often the best choice for getting the job done. While commercial software is being used for this project part of the reason for doing so is solely because it is what is available on the computer that most of this work is being done on. A number of open source packages are as good or better than the commercial alternatives, and while the software is good quality, and you may decide to pay for it, there is no nagging saying you must, and often no even suggestion that it would be a good idea.

Most open source software projects have a number of ways that you can help them with the development of the software. The easiest for a lot of people is to provide a donation to the project. Often open source projects are looking for developers to help write the code for the project, and beta testers to test that code and see if it is ready to be released to the general public. Almost all open source projects give you a list of ways that you can contribute.

Systems Worked With

Armispian Systems works with a number of different types of systems. These include Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and different types of hardware. One thing that we are working on getting working as best we can is what Apple calls Bonjour, which is a form of network configuration which is supposed to allow you to simply plug in comparable devices in and have them instantly configured on the network. Under Windows this has been highly problematic in that we have yet to get the system to either discover or announce devices on the network. This works quite well with Linux, and as of yet we have not tried hooking up a Mac to a network with Linux Zero Conf Networking

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Armispian Systems : Services : System Conversion

There are a number of licenses that are out there, there are proprietary/commercial licenses which vary with every piece of software you install (even Microsoft does not appear to be using the same licence for all software). Armispian Systems does system conversion, converting Windows systems to Linux systems mainly, but also converting from commercial software to Free Open Source Software.


Armispian Systems : Services : System Diagnosis

For instance, checking that all the setting for the sound system look like they are right, may point somewhat to a problem with the speakers, or how the speakers are attached to the computer. In the event that the technician is unable to come up with an appropriate solution, a referral is made to someone who sie believes will be able to come up with a solution.


Armispian Systems : Services

At the current time all the technicians are self taught, so do not always have experience with dealing with what you are currently experiencing. They have worked with a number of different types of systems including Windows, Linux, and some experience with working with Mac systems. Armispian Systems offers a number of services the main ones are, System Setup, System Conversion, and System Diagnosis.