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By: Armispian Systems  09-12-2011
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Armispian Systems diagnoses a number of problems on a number of different types of systems. We work with Windows, Linux, and some Mac systems. Most of the time the diagnosis of problems is done on site, but sometimes we like to get some idea of the scope of the problems that may exist. This can take as short as a few minutes, or can take up to half an hour (or more if getting physical access to the computer is difficult in a timely fashion).


Armispian Systems technicians like to look at what is obvious first. Sometimes this means looking in non-obvious places to get some idea of what is obvious and what is not so obvious. For instance, checking that all the setting for the sound system look like they are right, may point somewhat to a problem with the speakers, or how the speakers are attached to the computer. It may look like everything is connected up correctly, but sometimes things are not as they appear.

We try very hard to check to see what has already been done to get the problem solved. Often this will give some idea as to the amount of time that may be required to diagnose, and possibly repair the problem. If the person had something strange happen and immediately calls up for technical support, surprisingly often this can usually be dealt with quickly over the phone. If a lot of work has been done already there is a good chance that the problem can either not be fixed quickly, or requires tools or expertise that the technician does not have

In the event that the technician is unable to come up with an appropriate solution, a referral is made to someone who sie believes will be able to come up with a solution. Sometimes things need a level of access that just is not possible for the technicians at Armispian Systems to achieve. These kinds of problems seem to occur most often with a variety of Windows operating systems.

Solutions to Problems

Armispian Systems will often be able to fix the problem in short order. With more experience with the systems that the technician is working with sie is more able to know quickly whether the problem is something that can be fixed in short order or will require a lot of hands on work for hir.

In some cases the technician is unable to diagnose and repair the problem hir self, and will suggest alternative ways that it can be approached. This may include taking the computer in to a computer shop to have them look at the computer.

Keywords: Systems Technicians, Windows,

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There are a number of licenses that are out there, there are proprietary/commercial licenses which vary with every piece of software you install (even Microsoft does not appear to be using the same licence for all software). Armispian Systems does system conversion, converting Windows systems to Linux systems mainly, but also converting from commercial software to Free Open Source Software.


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One thing that we are working on getting working as best we can is what Apple calls Bonjour, which is a form of network configuration which is supposed to allow you to simply plug in comparable devices in and have them instantly configured on the network. Armispian Systems will install legal software for you, but will look for the best quality that meets the needs of the client for the lowest price.


Armispian Systems : Services

At the current time all the technicians are self taught, so do not always have experience with dealing with what you are currently experiencing. They have worked with a number of different types of systems including Windows, Linux, and some experience with working with Mac systems. Armispian Systems offers a number of services the main ones are, System Setup, System Conversion, and System Diagnosis.