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By: Armispian Systems  09-12-2011
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Armispian Systems offers a number of services the main ones are, System Setup, System Conversion, and System Diagnosis. These services are provided by our team of technicians who are skilled in these areas as well as other areas. At the current time all the technicians are self taught, so do not always have experience with dealing with what you are currently experiencing.

System Setup

Our technicians have a great deal of experience with setting up computer systems, from putting together a new system, to adding new hardware, to adding new software, to installing fresh operating systems on new or older systems. They have worked with a number of different types of systems including Windows, Linux, and some experience with working with Mac systems.

We have worked with laptops, desktops and servers. Working with Windows and Linux on all three environments. Our experience tends towards more work with Linux systems than Windows, and some experience with Mac systems.

System Conversion

Armispian Systems technicians have spent a lot of time converting systems and users over to FOSS in a number of environments. And in a few cases have converted a person from FOSS to commercial software. Either direction is a possibility, if you have a desire to change how you are doing things, we can look at how that can best be accomplished.

Armispian Systems tends to prefer running FOSS when that can meet the needs of the user of the system. There are a number of reasons for this, with probably the number one is that the software is legally free. This can lead to a reduction of the cost of running a system, or especially a network, or allow people to move away from pirated software to legally free software

System Diagnosis

The technicians at Armispian Systems spend a lot of time trying to figure out why a computer is not doing what the user wants it to do. In some cases this can be done over a variety of communication systems including phone and internet. In other cases it is necessary for the technician to visit the user at the location of the the computer in order to make a diagnosis.

Armispian Systems technicians work at unusual times, and are often available on short notice. In some cases the technicians will want to have the computer where it can be worked on over an extended period of time. This is unusual, except in cases where the user is wanting to convert fully from commercial software to FOSS.

Keywords: Commercial Software, Linux, Systems Technicians, Windows,

Other products and services from Armispian Systems


Armispian Systems : Services : System Conversion

There are a number of licenses that are out there, there are proprietary/commercial licenses which vary with every piece of software you install (even Microsoft does not appear to be using the same licence for all software). Armispian Systems does system conversion, converting Windows systems to Linux systems mainly, but also converting from commercial software to Free Open Source Software.


Armispian Systems : Services : System Setup

One thing that we are working on getting working as best we can is what Apple calls Bonjour, which is a form of network configuration which is supposed to allow you to simply plug in comparable devices in and have them instantly configured on the network. Armispian Systems will install legal software for you, but will look for the best quality that meets the needs of the client for the lowest price.


Armispian Systems : Services : System Diagnosis

For instance, checking that all the setting for the sound system look like they are right, may point somewhat to a problem with the speakers, or how the speakers are attached to the computer. In the event that the technician is unable to come up with an appropriate solution, a referral is made to someone who sie believes will be able to come up with a solution.