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By: Touchpoint Metrics  09-12-2011

Our approach provides you a disciplined, step-by-step plan for growing revenues, by focusing on improving customer experience.

Experiences occur constantly in the ever-changing space between you and your customers. And the intersections of these touchpoints, processes, systems and data are often riddled with fault lines. By helping companies like yours better understand this complex, shifting territory, we measurable improve customer experience.

At its core, the process we follow is fairly straightforward: What are your issues? Who are your customers? What are your business goals? What do your audiences think, and how do they feel? What can we do to make their experience better — and help you make (or save) money while doing so?

  • Organizational Readiness: Through the lens of MCorp's customer experience readiness assessment, we help you to identify areas of organizational strength, and prioritize areas for improvement.
  • Customer Experience Strategy: Defining where your company can—and where it should—use experience as a competitive differentiator, and creating a customer experience roadmap for implementation.
  • Customer Experience Design and Definition: Determining the “ideal experience,” and defining and creating the operational framework and roadmaps for delivering it across the enterprise.
  • Customer Experience ROI: Ensuring that the benefits of an improved customer experience will significantly exceed the investment.

Our consulting expertise in these interrelated areas drives significant return for our clients. Working together, we'll identify areas ripe for improvement, understand and remove barriers, and develop strategies for more effectively and more profitably delivering an improved customer experience.

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