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By: Software For Cars  09-12-2011
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OBD - what is OBD? In the early seventies, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) introduced a new policy that mandated the use of on board diagnostics (OBD) for vehicles driven in the USA. Similar requirements were also introduced by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This led to the development of new technologies that allowed mechanics and service technicians to monitor almost all aspects of vehicle performance on instruments hooked up to data ports on cars. OBD II replaced OBD I in the mid-nineties with more sophisticated monitoring systems and OBD III is on the horizon. Starting at under $60, you won't find a better buy anywhere! These scan tools will reset and turn off the ' check engine light' on any North American OBD vehicle. You can check out other products, but at under $60 you'll come back - there's no better buy on a scan tool than Actron .. No computer required!  

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Keywords: Check Engine, Data Ports, Scan Tool, Scan Tools,

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OBD 1, OBD 2 Scan Tools Software

With these instruments, we can pinpoint engine faults quickly and efficiently, without resorting to the 'replace and eliminate' method of troubleshooting - no 'shot in the dark' techniques here ..Some of the Equipment We Use. Performance tuning is a major part of what we do here and a key component in our arsenal of automotive diagnostic equipment is the EASE software scan tool for reading sensor info from vehicle data ports.