At-Grade Dispersal Fields

At-Grade Dispersal Fields from WetlandsPacific Corp.

By: WetlandsPacific Corp.  09-01-2012
Keywords: Wastewater Treatment, Septic System, Waste Water Treatment

Do you have an undisturbed forested area on your property? It may be the best place for your dispersal field. WetlandsPacific Corp. is the first company in BC to offer At-Grade effluent polishing and dispersal systems. At-Grade is an excellent method to utilize the natural biological cleansing ability of undisturbed forest soils, which is lost if trenching occurs. It uses timed, pressure distribution of Nayadic™ advanced secondarily treated effluent to insure even loading on a 24 hour a day basis, therefore with maintenance, your WetlandsPacific At-Grade System will last as long as your home.

Forest soils are comprised of several horizons or layers beginning with above ground plant litter. The duff or “O” horizon is comprised of three zones that blend into each other with degrees of decomposition distinguishing layers from one another, the LFH soil layer:

•L – The uppermost level where structures of plants are easily recognized
•F – The middle layer of accumulated organic material that is partly decomposed
•H – The lowest layer wherein original structures of organic material are unrecognizable

The LFH horizon is very high in organic material with the “A” horizon or top soil layer located immediately below.

The “O & A” horizons are the most biologically productive area of soils, consequently should not be lost due to trenching. To install any other final treatment/dispersal method on undisturbed forest soils destroys the forest plant litter, the biologically very active plant litter/top soil interface, the top soil, and the forest plant vegetation roots, in short, the mechanisms of contaminant removal.

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