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By: Wetlandspacific  09-12-2011
Keywords: Treatment Plants, Aeration Treatment, Extended Aeration Treatment,

To protect our customers and the environment, we have sought out and developed products to provide the most advanced, reliable treatment in the onsite field.

Treatment Plants

Since 1994, we have distributed products made by Consolidated Treatment Systems Inc. (CTS), of Franklin, Ohio. As the exclusive distributor in BC and Alberta, we sell and install their three treatment plants: , North America's original fibreglass, extended aeration treatment plant; and , which are also advanced secondary treatment plants. We sell and install ultraviolet disinfection system expressly designed for secondarily treated wastewater.

We offer 2 years warranty on parts for newly installed treatment plants manufactured by CTS, and one year warranty for replacement parts. With regular maintenance, WetlandPacific products will last as long as the building they service.

Salcor Engineering's UV is expressly designed to follow secondary treatment systems. UV removes viruses, bacteria and other pathogens helping to meet the strictest water quality standards with no harmful residual chemicals, and with low energy requirements.

The president of WetlandsPacific, Curt Kerns, an applied aquatic scientist, has developed and received three patents on a new class of constructed wetland, that of capillary. It produces a Type 3+ quality effluent with non-detectable biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), and non-detectable coliform at the peat/soil interface. That makes it the most biologically effective, passive onsite reclamation system in use today. VTF are permanent, safe, attractive, ecologically considerate, space saving and economical. No Unsightly Sand Mounds!


In our nursery, we cultivate a variety of native plants specifically for use in our wetland applications. Native plants are winter hardy, and typically provide wildlife values. We also grow ornamental species that are suitable for wet areas.

Keywords: Aeration Treatment, Extended Aeration Treatment, Treatment Plants, Ultraviolet Disinfection System,