Pro-Formance Advantage

By: Reaction Source For Sports  09-12-2011

What is Pro-Formance Advantage?

Pro-Formance Advantage is a customized approach to skate fitting that will ensure a proper fit and deliver improved comfort and performance on the ice. This system is built on literally hundreds of years of combined skate fitting experience by Source for Sports® stores across Canada. Simply put, the Pro-Formance Advantage is designed to elevate your comfort and skating ability.

Pro-Formance Advantage can enhance the performance of any player from the youngster playing hockey for the first time to a seasoned veteran. This customized program guarantees to increase the comfort and performance of anyone tying up skates, therefore allowing us to guarantee results and happiness.

The Pro-Formance Advantage approach is a customized look at skate fitting from 6 different perspectives:

  1. Foot analysis and evaluation
  2. Foot to skate compatibility
  3. Gait and body balance
  4. Foot support (Superfeet)
  5. Precision Balance Sharpening
  6. Precision Balance Contouring

The key to the Pro-Formance Advantage approach is customer satisfaction. With this system we are so confident in our ability to fit and customize your skates that we back our work with a fit guarantee. This guarantee is unrivaled and comes at no additional cost to you. It’s simply our pledge to our customers.

Step 1: Foot Analysis and Evaluation

The foot analysis is a basic evaluation of the athlete’s foot. It’s an assessment of the foot to determine any problems or concerns the athlete might have. Step 1 primarily concentrates on the dimensions of the foot; forefoot width, instep height, arch shape and heel contours. It also evaluates the foot for deficiencies or prior injuries and most importantly detects either pronation or supination of the foot, which will dramatically affect the fit of your skate. All of these aspects will aid in the selection of a proper skate in step 2.

Step 2: Foot to Skate Compatibility

All skates are not created equal. Using the information gathered in Step 1 we then select skates that best match your foot. Skate selection is the most important step of a proper fit. Every skate fits differently and not all skates are best suited for your foot size and shape. Here we will help you determine the skate that best suits your foot to ensure a proper fit and your complete satisfaction.

Step 3: Gait Analysis

Once the ideal skate has been selected and molded, it’s time to evaluate the skate fit. Once the fit has been established we evaluate the players stability inside the skate. The question is, “Is your foot properly supported inside the skate?” This question can be easily answered through a stationary body evaluation and Gait Analysis. Proper balance on the ice can only be further improved with our Precision Balance customized contouring and sharpening system.

Step 4: Foot Support

Step 4 is often a result of information gathered in steps 1 and 3. If during these steps we have revealed a problem, we will look to correct it through proper foot support. Such problems might be pronation, heel lift, reduced circulation, pump bumps or other ailments skaters are susceptible to. By supporting the foot with proper Footbeds, we can help correct these problems and ensure enhanced comfort and performance on the ice.

All skate blades are not created equal. The blades of your new skates come with a stock radius and lie that should also be customized to best suit you and your game. Precision Balance Custom Contouring and Sharpening is the perfect compliment to a Pro-Formance Advantage custom skate fit.

Precision Balance Custom Contouring

Precision Balance Blade Contouring is a customized process of shaping the skate blade to the correct shape that best suits your body make-up and your game. A properly contoured skate will help you better transfer energy from the mechanical points of your feet directly to the skate blade thereby enhancing skating ability and reducing fatigue and potential for injury.

Precision Balance Sharpening

A quality, customized skate sharpening is crucial to skating performance at any level of play. Precision Balance ensures a quality sharpening every time. This customized system ensures that your edges are square; the Radius Of Hollow (ROH) is properly centered and ensures a high quality finish. Our Precision Balance skate technicians will work with you to customize your sharpening to best suit your game.

See our Precision Balance brochure or ask one of our Precision Balance skate technicians for more specific details on how Precision Balance Skate Contouring and Sharpening can improve your game.

At Source For Sports® we take great pride in enhancing your comfort and skating performance on the ice and we offer a Fit Guarantee to prove it. Ask one of our skate technicians about the Pro-Formance Advantage and Precision Balance systems and how we can help you improve your game.

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