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By: Pirates Den Fishing and Sports  21-10-2012
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Pirates Den Fishing & Sports offers the best, brightest and longest lasting L.E.D. fishing lights and lighted lures for all types of fishing- bar none.


 No matter if you fish deep salt water or the flats, fresh water rivers or lakes, we have the right light and/or lure for your fishing needs.


 Our lures are the original L.E.D.- its as simple as that. There are cheaper imitations on the market, but they are just that: cheap imitations. Also, unlike the imitators, we don't just import and relabel our products. Pirates Den Fishing has a staff dedicated to constant improvements and innovative new designs to help you get the most of your fishing expirience.


Our team of professionals and sportsman go through countless hours of rigging details, improving internal designs, designing and building prototypes and then, we put the new products to test. Only those that perform well are sent to production. From there, the products are tested in many areas around North America from the flats of Florida to the ever turbulant waters of Alaska. Rigging techniques are tried relentlessly until the perfect one is found.


Then, we ship the products to real world anglers because we want their input. Unbiased and sometimes brutal, but what they have to say is important to us. If approved by these testers, the item is offered to the retailers. Knowing this, you now know that everything we offer is proven.


 We also offer custom riggings !! Unlike our imitators, we build our stuff inhouse, not relabel. So, if you want a lure using a 10/0 hook and 6 pound line, we will build it. And, if you want a number 12 hook on 150 pound line, well, we'll build that, too. Most of our retailers prefer having 80 pound line and either a 5- or 6/0 hook so as a mass production piece, these are standard on most products.


 Pirates Den Fishing also has a wide variety of lights and styles. Available lights are single or double flashing in blue, green, red, UV, white, yellow, orange, and 7-color. The 7-color cycles through all colors and does so at a slow rotation pace and then a fast pace and back to slow again. Please visit our website for more on these L.E.D. lure lights.



Like us on Facebook, too. We can be located at piratesdenfishing andsports


Or, see our videos on Youtube under the name "thepiratesdenfishing"


 Tight lines and calm waters


The crew at Pirates Den Fishing & Sports

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