By: NaturalPace ChiRunning  04-07-2012
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Testimonial Hi Donna, you may remember me from your Edmonton workshop back in April. I had a dream of one day being able run a 5 k without pain. I was sidelined for 12 years from running due to chronic piriformis syndrome, and had a small hope that Chi Running would be the answer to running again. But I was nervous and fearful of another letdown. Well, after the workshop, I took the CR online beginner 5k program. I diligently worked hard at getting the technique right, and the continual body focus and correction were really tiring some days. But by week 5 i started to feel a bit of flow, and I started feeling stronger and inspired. And this morning I completed my dream - to run a 5 k without injury. I had no pain whatsoever anywhere! I even passed some people along the way. There was a steep hill at the end, so I did the special chi step and let myself "float up". And I finished with the biggest smile on my face. I was offered a free massage at the end, and after checking in with my body I realized that I was totally relaxed and loose! Incredible! Thank you for coming to Edmonton in April, and showing me how to run without pain. I don't believe I would have figured it out on my own. I'm so happy, beyond words. Here I am, shortly after finishing in under 31 minutes, feeling totally relaxed and ecstatic. Sincerely, Michelle Toy ...planning my next run!

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