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By: Kintama  09-12-2011

Kintama recently delivered the report, “Acoustic Telemetry Measurements of Migration and Movements of Adult Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) within the Bulkley River, 2009”, to British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment.  The study provides correction numbers for the yearly mark-recapture program in the Moricetown Canyon.  Of note, only 56% to 59% of tagged fish were observed passing the recapture site during active recapture efforts.

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This indicates that mortality processes did not substantially distort the size distribution of survivors and that larger smolts did not survive better than smaller smolts above our pre-specified minimum size thresholds for surgical implantation. We first compared the size at tagging of released smolts and of the survivors at distant marine array locations, hundreds ofkilometers away from the release site and requiring ?1 month travel time.