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By: Kalavati  09-12-2011
Keywords: healing, Clairvoyant, Psychic Meditation

Services offered:

Gift Certificates for birthdays, holidays or special occasions:

Is your loved one interested in metaphysics, curious, or in need of healing, on any level?

Gift Certificates for :

Access Consciousness The Bars, $75, 1 hour

Reconnective Healing® $75, 1 hour

The Reconnection® 2 sessions done over 2 days. $333

- A 2 hour Clairvoyant Healing Session $150. includes either the bars or Reconnective healing®.

- An 8 week class series of Psychic Meditation and Spiritual
Development $250.

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A two-hour Clairvoyant and Healing session with Kalavati.
These sessions can be held in person, or via recorded session on Skype. Since energy has no limitations, Kalavati can hold an accurate and helpful session with you no matter where you live - whether across the room or across the world!

Psychic Meditation Classes:
A 2.5 hour weekly class, lasting eight weeks.
Learn potent energy techniques to assist your wellness, and to reclaim power and control of your life. In person, or by audio-taped, or DVD classes.

A 2.5 hour weekly intermediate class, lasting eight weeks.
Building on the tools and techniques of Psychic Meditation, learn various healing and psychic abilities. Also available by mp3, but you will need to find someone to practice on or with.

A six-month advanced class, two and a half hours per week, building upon the tools of the previous two classes.
Learn to read and heal clairvoyantly, develop your intuitive gifts.
In person, or by mp3 recorded classes. Those working Long Distance, via Skype will need to find someone to practice "reading".

"Hi Kalavati - I will be in Hawaii meditating on the beach!!! from.. to.. Will catch up. Thanks for handouts. Interesting things have started to happen to me..and I think its becasue of the classes.

"Kalavati, I'm looking forward to continuing my growth in conscious energy, learning from your knowledge and experience and sharing the Divine light with others on this wonderful path. ( deposit for Clairvoyance Programme enclosed). Much Love, Cheryl."

"Thank You for sharing your knowledge and this class is a blessing. Love and Light," K.W.

"Words are not enough to convey my gratitude for the experience of this awesome journey, Namaste, E.S."

"With All the Divine Love of the universe, I say thank you. Words cannot adequately convey the change you brought to my life. L.C."

"Words cannot express how much I respect and love you. You are truly someone who has inpacted my life. Thank You, Thank You! W.G."

"My life is so much richer for taking your classes. Thank You! C.B."

"Thank You Kalavati, for so generously sharing your beauty of being, along with your psychic understanding and experience. H.T."

Thank You for a wonderful learning journey! Love and Light . H.M."

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Keywords: Clairvoyant, healing, Psychic Meditation