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By: Jamaxx Web Design  09-12-2011
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Social networking on the web has rapidly become more effective and popular, among businesses and organizations. It allows them unprecedented opportunity to network, reach targeted audiences, and keep clients and potential clients informed (and interested) about products and services.

Among the most popular and effective tools for social networking, among businesses and organizations, is Facebook, which allows users to create pages to represent their business or organization. These are known as Facebook Fan Pages.

Anyone who has used the Facebook Fan Page function understands, that although it is relatively easy for the lay person to create a page, creating a page with a professionally polished look and content is not nearly as easy.

For this reason, JAMAXX Web Designis now offering the following new services for bussinesses and organizations that want a polished, professional looking Facebook page, and want to integrate their Facebook page with their existing business or organization's site.

  • Custom Facebook Fan Page Design

    – using HTML and a freely available Facebook application, JAMAXX can create a polished and professional Facebook Fan Page that will say what you want it to say, and look the way you want it to look. For an example of a custom Facebook Fan Page, take a look at the


  • Integration of Facebook Fan Page with Existing Site – in order to fully lever the advantages of Facebook Social Networking for businesses and organizations, your company or organization website needs to be integrated with your Facebook Fan Page. This service involves embedding code on your website that can allow Facebook users to "like" your web site pages, exposing your web address to everyone in their network. You can also have updated information from your Facebook Fan Page appear on your site. You might also desire a link on your website pages, inviting users to view your Facebook Fan Page, where they can view all of the updated information you might have there, and have the opportunity to subscribe to your page and be given an email notice every time content is updated.

Keywords: Web Design

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JAMAXX Website Re-Design

Is your site created with technologies and HTML coding that is up to current industry standards. Does your company's site accurately reflect your company's current branding and mission. Has your company's site grown as your business has grown. Able to change and grow as your company changes and grows.


JAMAXX Custom CMS Web Design

Custom designs created specifically to suit your needs and increase your brand. PHP server side & open source scripts for dynamic, interactive sites. Professional quality graphic design to increase your company's brand. Multimedia in a variety of web formats. Multimedia effects to your site. JAMAXX Custom CMS Web Design.


JAMAXX Web Design Mobile Browsing Optimization

Extension, JAMAXX will make your site ready for browsing on a majority of popular mobile devices including iPhone, Smartphone, iMode and WAP phones. According to a Google/Mobile Marketing Association survey, 53% of Americans access search engines through their smart phones once a day. Don't be left behind the competition who are rapidly targeting the mobile market. The example above is taken from an iphone emulator using the Safari browser.


JAMAXX Web Design Free Consultations

You are not obligated, in any way, to employ the services of JAMAXX Web Design, so the information gained can be useful in shopping for other designers or for creating your own site. These consultations allow us to determine with you. To schedule your free consultation today.