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By: Indepth Marine  09-12-2011

We offer ROV based commercial diving support to diving companies directly and to companies that hire divers. While our background is in commercial diving and can help you arrange for Worksafe BC compliant dive teams, we do not directly offer diving services.

The ROV can be a diver alternative in many cases, and also a diver support vehicle.

We can augment diving services in many ways.

  • Mixed gas diving support
  • Preview work area for divers to see prior to dive
  • Platform for additional lighting and tooling for divers
  • Monitoring of remote areas to provide feedback to the diver
  • Sonar assistance for blackwater diving; the sonar can "see" up to 100 meters away in water that offers zero visibility for a diver. Where a diver is required, we can lead a diver to the work site using sonar and/or acoustic tracking systems.
  • Mixed gas diving support to minimize dive times/decompression schedules and helium costs

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Inspection of underwater structures, such as bridges, dams, water intakes, outfalls, pipelines, subsea cables. The ROV never requires decompression and does not get cold, so it stays until the job is complete. Using our Sea Eye Falcon ROV we offer underwater video inspections down to 300 meters of depth. Commercial Diver support, extremely cost effective in support of mixed gas dives.


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300 meter depth rated, colour camera, low light black and white camera, single function grabber arm, CP probe for testing anode performance. We can provide professional subsea personnel to manage your project, or to be the hands on team performing the work. Kongsberg 1071 dual transducer sonar head for profiling and imaging. Access to work class ROV systems for deeper work – please inquire.


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