Cheap and Cheerful Home Renos « Get Your Own Home

By: Get Your Own Home  09-12-2011

Cheap and Cheerful Home Renos « Get Your Own Home

When an accident happens, quick-thinking first responders use what they’ve got to take care of the situation. They don’t wait until they have all the right equipment or professional support, they just jump in and make things better.  

 There are plenty of home improvement shows on tv where the renos are the equivalent of full-blown reconstructive surgery. The transformations are amazing to watch but there are plenty of situations where this kind of work is out of the question and really all that’s needed is a little first aid. Getting your house ready to sell, working with a tiny budget, preparing a home to be rented… these are all times when you need to just deal with the basics. 

 First Aid courses are full of catchy little acronyms so that, even when the adrenaline is rushing and the situation seems overwhelming, you can remember A-B-C and know that clearing the airway is your first priority and then take it from there. So (in the spirit of taking this analogy as far as humanly possible) here it is, C-P-R for your home


Sounds so simple and basic and yet is sooo often overlooked. Clean sells. Whether you are selling to prospective buyers or tenants, presenting a clean home goes a long way towards winning them over.  

Forget what smoke does to your lungs - look how grimey it makes your walls!

This kind of clean goes beyond a quick wipe of the counters. This means getting stains out of carpets and off fixtures. It’s vacuuming grates and cleaning light fixtures, soaking blinds and bleaching fans. Don’t forget to take the cleaning outside and do the windows and powerwash the patio. It’s not at all rational, but a clean home looks and feels like it is worth more money.  

A fresh, clean room you would never guess anyone had smoked in!



I would love to be putting a window in on this wall, changing the flooring, the trim and the wood panelling - but we are in first aid mode, so we are just painting.  


We are also painting all those dark doors…  

Dark and drab but in good condition.

… and the kitchen cabinets (as well as the kitchen ceiling, walls and trim) all got a fresh coat of paint instead of being replaced.  

Totally painted ($) but no major renos ($$$$)


It’s amazing the improvements you can make with a tube of caulking and a pot of wall repair. Fill holes, seal trim and baseboard. Fix anything broken or damaged and then let your budget decide how much further you can go. Some easy and inexpensive places to start are old switches and electrical plates, door pulls, hinges and light fixtures.  


After - new light switch and fixture and lots of paint.

This weekend will be another session of CPR on our house, getting it prepped to be a great income property. I wish you the best of luck with your projects and would love to hear any tips you have to share!

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