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By: Fuel Svn Nanaimo  09-12-2011
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PVL Certified Sports Nutrition delivers performance supplements that are engineered based on compelling scientific evidence. Each PVL supplement provides true doses of clinically proven ingredients, which quickly deliver noticeable results! At PVL, we’re experts on the science of performance and that’s why PVL is the brand of choice for consumers that are looking for products that deliver real results, and not just hype.
Until the late 1990s, exercise and post-exercise nutrition for athletes was all about carbohydrate. Then a group of leading exercise physiologists came together to formulate the next generation of sports nutrition products based on the very latest science. They discovered that a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate and protein significantly enhanced hydration, increased endurance, reduced exercise-related muscle damage, and accelerated post-exercise muscle recovery compared to carbohydrate alone.

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®) was founded in 2001 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products. BSN® products and the brand itself have won more than 30 sports nutrition awards over the course of the last five years, more than any other company in the industry.

Nutrabolics strives to combine cutting edge clinical research with years of research in the health and fitness field to provide an unparalleled range of performance enhancing products for the consumer whose commitment in the gym could only be rewarded by results. Their research and development team has produced innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas including fat loss, increased lean body mass, strength, and stamina.

Maxx Essentials are the fundamentals of bodybuilding. The fundamentals do not include pictures of athletes that you couldn’t care less about. The fundamentals are not what everyone else is trying to tell you they are. You know the fundamentals are unleashing raw power and throwing the iron around like nobody else can. The fundamentals are breaking restraints and smashing through personal limits, just so you can get up the next day and do it all again.

Optimum Nutrition was founded in 1986 and they have been striving to produce distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products, ever since, while making every effort to anticipate ever-changing customer needs and meet the demands of a dynamic market with innovative products, effective support materials, and unsurpassed service.

MuscleTech’s unflinching commitment to science and research as a means to producing the best supplements in the world has been the backbone of since 1995. The MuscleTech reputation for producing the most advanced diet and sports supplements in the world is ongoing and continues with the invention of the Hardcore Pro Series line of supplements – starting with naNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series, Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series and Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

Labrada products are developed by an internal research and development team working with food scientists to ensure quality. The Labrada bars and shakes are past winners of the Gold Medal for Taste from the American Tasting Institute and the NNFA People’s Choice Award. Lee seals his products with his personal guarantee, and this trust between Lee and his customers has quickly established his brand as The Most Trusted Names in Sports Nutrition! .

CytoSport™ was founded in 1998 by the father/son team of Greg and Mike Pickett. Since then it has grown into a premier manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional products that address the needs of athletes and active lifestyle individuals at every level. With every product and every decision, we pursue quality and taste with the athlete in mind.

Scivation aims to be the providers of top notch diet, training and nutritional supplementation programs that enable people to reach their goals. Scivation was founded on the simple principle of providing innovative products combined with the latest scientific research

Keywords: Sports Nutrition, Supplements

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The entire family of Progressive products is manufactured in their own GMP compliant production facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and includes vitamins & minerals, EFA’s, phytonutrients, green foods, protein supplements and organic functional whole foods.