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By: Fat Cat Brewery  09-12-2011
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Fat Cat Brewery uses no additives, ever. No sugar, no pre-gelatinized rice, no pre-gelatinized corn, no cornstarch, no molasses, no seaweed, no synthetic clarifiers, etc. Just Nanaimo water, which happens to be just perfect for brewing beer, hops, malt and yeast, all made from scratch.

Our brew house is very “hands” on, no push buttons to this brewery. Our beer is not pasteurized so we cold micro filter our bottled beers. By doing this it helps extend shelf life. Fat Cat Brewery Beers are listed on the official Vegan list too.

We sell our beers in the following sizes:58.667L Kegs (approx. 123 16oz. pints) - $196.00
18.95L Kegs (approx. 40 16 oz. pints) - $76.00
(All kegs require a $30.00 keg deposit, rentals require a $100.00 deposit)
650ml bottles - $4.75 each (All bottles require a $0.10 bottle deposit.)
355ml-bottle IPA six-packs - $12.10 each

NOTE: The Old Bad Cat Barley Wine is a seasonal product, released in the late fall. It only comes in 650ml bottles. The price per bottle is $7.85 plus a $0.10 bottle deposit.


The Fat Head name came from one of Bunny’s old bosses. She had been having a bad day at work and her boss came in. He didn’t bother greeting her and went on to crab about something he didn’t even know about. Being that he was her boss she didn’t say anything and just looked at the back of his big fat head as he went up the stairs to his office to smoke and play solitaire. As she looked at his big fat head she said to herself, “Tonight I’m going to go home and have a beer and toast to that old Fat Head.” And viola the beer was named.


For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Craft Brewery beers this would the one to try out first.

Pompous Pompadour PORTER

Pompous Pompadour PORTER a big name for a big beer. For those people who enjoy the dark side of beer they’d really like this beer. Beer writers and connoisseurs have given praises on this beer, saying such things like “Easily the best Porter in Canada,” and “Chocolaty, creamy smooth and rich.”

Bunny’s Black & Tan

Many people who normally wouldn't drink dark beers are pleasantly surprised how much they enjoy our Black & Tan after they take the plunge and try it.

Old Bad Cat Barley Wine Ale

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Keywords: Beer

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