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By: Commissionaires Cowichan Valley  09-12-2011

Pardons | Commissionaires - Victoria, the Islands and Yukon

Commissionaires Victoria offers a high quality, low cost pardon service for applicants who don't have the time to apply for a pardon on their own or need help with the pardons process. There are no hidden fees and all of our clients receive the same prompt and professional service.

Unlike other pardon offerings, Commissionaires Victoria also offers a digital fingerprinting service using the latest digital technology that will provide a much quicker return of documentation required to start the process.

Pardon services from Commissionaires:

  • are provided by professionals;
  • are fast and efficient;
  • are competitively priced. Our basic fee for service is $300.00 including HST, plus any additional disbursements.

What is the Pardon Application Process?

We will collect the required personal information for your pardon application and complete the background checks that are necessary to support your application.

This will include fingerprints to obtain your criminal record, court Information, local police records, relevant citizenship documents and military conduct sheets if necessary. We will then complete all the forms and present them to you for signature.

Our proactive role and familiarity with the process will ensure all the documents required are obtained in a timely manner and that your case is processed expeditiously. We will keep you informed at each stage of the proceedings. All records will be returned to the applicant once the pardon application has been completed.

Please Note:

  • Police and court document costs will vary based on their location and the number of offences.
  • Clients will pay only actual costs.

Payment Methods

We accept major credit cards, debit, or cash.



What is a pardon?

Anyone who is convicted of a criminal offence has a criminal record. A pardon allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence to have their record removed from the general database and kept separate and apart from other criminal records. It will not show up on  a normal criminal record search.

What is a purge?

Absolute or conditional discharges handed down by the court on or after July 24th, 1992 will automatically be removed from the CPIC data base one year (absolute discharge) or three years (conditional discharge) after the court decision. A person does not need to apply for a pardon if his/her criminal record consists only of an absolute or conditional discharge. For discharges, prior to July 24th, 1992, the individual must contact the RCMP requesting the removal of such charge.

Who is eligible for a pardon?

For summary offences you are eligible for a pardon three years after you have completed your sentence for your offence(s).

For indictable offences you are eligible for a pardon five years and with good conduct after you have completed your sentence for your offence(s). An indictable offence is more serious than a summary conviction offence. Conviction of an indictable offence exposes you to greater penalties.

A sentence may be a fine, probation, a jail term, surcharge or restitution. For the purposes of a pardon, a court order, which prohibits you from driving or possessing a firearm, is not considered as part of the sentence.

How to get a pardon?

Pardons are not issued automatically. To remove a criminal record, an application must be made under the Criminal Records Act (CRA) to the National Parole Board. The person must have completed their sentence and shown that they are now a law-abiding citizen. The National Parole Board (NPB) issues, grants, denies or revokes pardons for convictions under federal acts or regulations of Canada. The NPB does this under the Criminal Records Act (CRA).

The Canadian Human Rights Act forbids discrimination based on a pardoned conviction. This includes services a person needs or the opportunity to work for a federal agency. The CRA states that no employment application form within the federal public service may ask any question that would require an applicant to disclose a pardoned conviction.

What is important to know about obtaining a pardon?

You do not need a lawyer or a representative to apply for a pardon. The National Parole Board gives the same consideration to a pardon application submitted by an individual or by a representative.

A Pardons Company cannot rush your pardon application for an additional fee. No pardons company can expedite the process. The NPB has designed the process to be fair and equal. No particular company can do it faster than any other.

Who will grant my pardon?

The National Parole Board (NPB) may grant or deny a pardon. Commissionaires Victoria will support you to make certain the pardoning process is fast, affordable , error and stress free. Visit the National Parole Board website for more information.

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