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By: Coastal Installations  09-12-2011
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Coastal Installations offers a one-stop solution for every company or institution requiring a modular or pre-fabricated building.

From businesses to schools to contractors to camps to military bases to government facilities, Coastal is ready for year-round service.


Need it all put together?

Coastal Installations will provide all the services required to transform your modular or pre-fabricated components into a functional structure ready to meet your needs.

Coastal Installations offers clients the Holland Binkley rollers and rails system that allows modular structures to be rolled and winched onto a foundation, eliminating the use of expensive cranes.

The rollers can save clients thousands of dollars. Coastal Installations can also fine-tune the placement of modular components with specially designed air bags that allow sections to be lifted and precisely fitted into place.

If required for the project, Coastal Installations will:

  1. Apply for a site/building permit, prepare the site, including site excavation, leveling, back-filling or constructing footings or foundations
  2. Install site services
  3. Transport structures and components to the site, either on land or by water
  4. Arrange crane service or use their Holland Binkley rollers and rails system to move the structure onto the foundation
  5. Install and connect pre-fabricated sections or modular units, using airbags to precisely place each piece
  6. Block and level the assembled structure and add a full-truss, pitched roof
  7. Arrange finishing carpentry, electrical, plumbing, data and telephone services; and
  8. Provide skirting, canopies, stairs/ramps, and landscaping


Need to move a modular or pre-fabricated structure?

Coastal Installations has the skill and equipment to safely move your existing building to a new location. The semi trucks trailers and hitch and wheel gear can move most modular buildings or prefabricated components.

If you’re heading off-shore or into the wilderness, Coastal Installation can arrange barge transportation. Coastal Installation’s crew is often flown to remote locations.


In the market for a modular or pre-fabricated building?

As modular installation experts, Coastal Installations can help you obtain the best structure for your purposes at the best price. Coastal Installations work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to install their products.


Need maintenance or renovations?

As expert modular and prefab building installers, Coastal Installations understand the specialized structure and maintenance needs of these structures.

  1. Ongoing maintenance to protect and preserve the structure;
  2. Exterior repairs, including installation of new siding and roofs;
  3. Interior flooring, wiring and plumbing installation, repairs, or upgrades;
  4. Renovations to improve use of the space, including adding or deleting walls;
  5. Upgrading of insulation, windows and/or heating and ventilation systems for energy conservation; and
  6. Structural improvements, including seismic upgrades.

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