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By: Stabilizer Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Natural Wood, Natural Soil

Can you create a landscape that evolves? Ever notice how typical landscape projects age: the plants mature beautifully, the lighting remains perfect, everything looks great- everything but the pavement. The pavement’s color fades, as cracks and potholes develop. What if you could make a better pavement with natural soil? StaLok Paving Material is natural aggregate soil enhanced with polymer. Using patented materials through a one-of-a kind manufacturing process, a unique surface is created. A surface that is still natural soil, just enhanced. The soil’s strength is enhanced and equal to that of asphalt. How? The polymer locks the aggregate into place and provides protection from the elements: rain, snow, drought. The same elements you protect your natural wood from with a waterproof sealer. Why not your natural soil?

When you walk on it, StaLok Paving Material feels as hard as asphalt, but flexible- easier on the knees. A little flexibility goes a long way- you can stock pile and install on your schedule. No heating or curing is needed, only compaction. Flexibility gives it the edge over other pavements, StaLok can evolve- it can be moved, reused, and added to easily. After installation, you can pick up your pathway and install it somewhere else if you really wanted to. The purest form of recycling.

You really have to see it to believe it. Natural soil can make a better pavement that evolves. StaLok Paving Material is available FOB our plant locations.

Keywords: Natural Soil, Natural Wood,

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With the fiber’s flexible strength multiplied across the network, impact can be spread- increasing the turf’s load bearing capacity. More pore space means proper drainage and air filled porosity, so your turf can grow properly and recover from stress quickly. Natural turf can be used for high traffic parking, driveway, fire lane, and event areas by simply adding more roots. StaLok Fiber is a synthetic fiber that mimics a natural grass root.


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The polymer binds the soil particles, keeping the soil stable, while providing protection from the elements: rain, snow, drought. Too little makes ordinary soil dry, hard and dusty; while too much water makes it slippery, muddy and dangerous. Your infielders won’t have to worry about taking a ground ball in a cloud of dust. Hilltopper Infield Mix is natural soil enhanced with polymer. Natural soil is already the ideal playing surface.


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Storm water management is important in wet regions, but also recharges valuable ground water in dry regions. Combining Stabilizer and Polymer technology makes it the first ever porous polymeric joint sand. StaLok Paver Sand combines the flexibility of organic sands with the strength of polymeric. After water begins to collect during a storm, StaLok Paver Sand acts like a sponge. The sand repairs cracks and fills any voids that have developed.


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It makes life easier for the little leagues, but also keeps it’s consistency with the big leaguers on the pitcher’s mound. The right consistency reduces giant holes and players pitch better- especially without dust and mud. The polymer binds the clay, keeping it stable, and provides protection from the elements. Problems occur when you have too much water- your clay turns into a muddy mess.


Stabilized Decomposed Granite and Crushed Stone

Make sure yours has the 100% natural product that gave Stabilized Decomposed Granite and Stabilized Crushed Stone their names- Stabilizer. If it is not from us, you could be getting anything from chemical substances to simply ineffective products. It is natural, innovative, and proven on some of the world’s greatest landscapes for over 26 years. There are all sorts of crazy things that people mix with Decomposed Granite or Crushed Stone.


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You can stabilize your aggregate by binding it’s soil particles with Stabilizer, the Original Natural Binder developed over 26 years ago. Stabilizer will not transform the aggregate into concrete- you can still feel the crunch of the gravel under foot. Have you ever noticed how a natural crushed stone or decomposed granite pathway pulls you into the landscape.