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Offerings We help accredited investors worldwide access timely information on private placements, specializing in Canadian companies.We raise financings by leveraging our global accredited investor network. Our core service is fundraising for quality microcap public companies. We primarily conduct private placement for companies on Canada's TSX Venture Exchange. Our clients have ranged from oil and gas to uranium, from base metals to precious metals, and have included junior pharmaceutical companies.

Private Placements Completed 2010 YTD

Yale Resources (YLL.V)
Blackhawk Resource Corp. (BLR.V)
Knight Resources (KNP.V)
Journey Resources Corp. (JNY.V)
Foundation Resources (FDN.V)
Softrock Minerals Ltd (SFT.V)
Salazar Resources Limited (SLR.V)
Champion Minerals (CHM.V)
Pharmagap (GAP.V)
Candente Gold Corp(CDG.V)

Private Placements Completed 2009

Pharmagap (GAP.V)
Galore Resources (GRI.V)
Hawthorne Resources (HGC.V)
Saturn Minerals (SMI. V)
Champion Minerals (CHM. V)
LGC Skyrota Wind Energy (LGS.V)

Private Placements Completed 2008

Pharmagap (GAP.V)
Silvercrest Resources (SVL.V)
Galore Resources (GRI.V)
Westcan Uranium (WCU.V)
Greentree Gas and Oil (GGO. V)
Blackdog Resources (DOG. V)
Century Energy (CEY.V)
Global Minerals (CTG.V)
Red Hill Energy (RH.V)
Reef Resources (REE.V)

Private Placements Completed 2007

Beartooth Platinum (BTP.V)
Santoy Uranium (SAN.V)
Knight Resources (KNP.V)
Pinetree Capital (PNP.TO)
VMS Resources (VMS.V)
BCM Resources (BCM.V)
Navasota Resources (NAV.V)
Goldrea Resources (GOR.V)
Tajzha Ventures (TJZ.V)
Vast Exploration (VST.V)
Red Hill Energy (RH.V)
PharmaGap Inc. (GAP.V)
Bandera Gold (BGL.V)
Park Place Energy (PRPL. OB)
Canalaska Uraniam Ltd (CVV.V)
Stetson Oil and Gas Ltd (SSN.V)
Pebble Creek Mining Ltd (PEB.V)
Tarim Resources (Private)
Vangold Resource Ltd (VAN.V)
Silverfields Resources Inc. (SF.V)
War Eagle Mining Company Inc. (WAR.V)
Dorex Minerals Inc. (DOX.V)
El Nino Ventures (ELN.V)
Greentree Gas and Oil (GGO.V)

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