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By: Blackwood Industries  09-12-2011

Since 2001, Blackwood has been manufacturing seating options for the casual dining industry.  While our focus has been on wooden chairs and barstools, we are well versed in plastics, metals and sustainable materials.

Everything that we make is specific to the needs of our customers and most often produce on a made-to-order basis.  Whether you are looking for interior or patio furniture, we will create a solution that respects your budget without sacrificing quality or design.

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Smallwares | Products

Whether it's a stainless steel bread basket shaped like a fish or a wooden skewer for a kabob menu item, each product is essential in the efficient flow of any restaurant. Besides cutlery and plates, Blackwood manufactures many other front of house needs like trays, bread boards, baskets and barware. With smallwares, it is all about the details.


Apparel | Products

Today, while our focus remains on staff apparel essentials, we have the ability to manufacture any and all soft goods associated with the food service industry including tablecloths and napkins. We designed, sourced and imported server uniforms, chef coats, aprons, silk ties and server pouches. Blackwood's food service division was entirely apparel-based.


Dinnerware | Products

We utilize several factories and our long term relationships with them have enabled us to provide exceptional quality at competitive prices. We offer a variety of body colors and full decorating capabilities on both fully vitrified stoneware and bright white porcelain. Blackwood dinnerware is produced both domestically and in Asia.


Flatware | Products

Our Asian partners own a cold roll steel factory in Ho Chi Minh, which helps to streamline production costs. Our stainless steel and silver plated flatware is entirely manufactured overseas, primarily in China. Our raw materials are of superior quality and provided by mills in both Korea and Japan. We also use manufacturing facilities in Vietnam.