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By: Leash On Wellness  09-12-2011
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Service Offerings

Service Offerings include animal massage programs, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage for companion animals along with Therapeutic Touch and other energy modalities for both animals and people.

General Information

The term “Small Animal”, is normally used to describe companion animals, such as dogs and cats, etc., while “Large Animal” is used to describe animals of an agricultural nature, ie horses, etc.

Animal massage is for all animals.

Fee structuring for animals are very similar to humans.

Normally the first meeting is partially an introduction, an opportunity to get acquainted, build trust and gain acceptance from the animal. This may include observing gate analysis, recording personal information, and establishing the history of any issues at hand. Allow up to 1 hour for this the initial session.

A follow up session typically may run 30-60 minutes. The size of the animal and what their specific requirements are will determine the length of the session. Observations and information updating will be a portion of this session.

It is important to be aware that a session time frame may be determined by the animal. There may be some days where the animal may wish to completely enjoy their session and there may be a day where  they are not interested. On the first session, this may be the case that they may not be interested as this is a new process for the animal.  The comfort level may be extended with following sessions. Once they understand the concept, then the comfort sets in and will typically be very enjoyable and looking forward to their massage session.

Generally, regular sessions are recommended monthly bases on a regular routine. This is called a maintenance massage to help the animal to stay at a specific level.  For animals dealing with a transition in life or for those who are competing, post/pre  surgery, medical conditions, it is recommended to have 3-4 sessions a month.

Therapeutic/Rehabilitative massage programs would be upon referral of your veterinarian.  Others do not require consent. Check with your animal medical coverage provider as they may have coverage for you.

The massage is based mostly from the Swedish technique. There is a bit of Shiatsu and other energy modalities also used.

Please prepare your animal before hand.  You can have them groomed as it is not a good feeling pulling on matted areas.  As well please exercise your animal before hand and if any meals, be given 1 hour before the session. Water intake is encourage after a massage session.

Street parking is available. Please enter the studio by going through the carport and along down the side stairs to the sliding glass doors.

If in the studio, your animal will be free to roam around and take in any new smells to be comfortable with the surroundings. 

Animal Massage is Not a replacement for Veterinary treatment.  Therapeutic programs would be upon referral and under the delegation and supervision of your veterinarian.

Massage & Energy Work Programs


This program is to help maintain a level of health and fitness to help with muscular and skeletal for those on a regular activity level.


Sporting, eventing, flyball, agility, herding, dressage, jumping, are just some of the activities that our animals do on a professional basis. This program is to assist with obtaining to the next level for competing.  As well as animals in transition for example, a new animal you may bring home from the shelter, a rehabilitate animal achieving to it’s normal activities.  This will assist in improving muscle memory and neural functioning and flexibility.


This massage is geared to any animal suffering from a recent illness or injury or in a debilitated state. Rehabilitation massage helps circulation, influences new tissue growth to reduce scar tissue and can relieve boredom and tension where the animal may be restricted. This assists with aiding the body’s natural healing process.

Young Animals

Young animals benefit on emotional, behavioral, social and physical levels. The effects of muscle relaxation and the increase of flexibility can be important for young animals.  It can assist in muscle growth and growing pains. Producing a calming massage may help the state of mind for learning and making training less stressful.


Giving your older animal a beneficial massage can help with muscle atrophy, hip dysphasia, arthritis.  It promotes circulation which enhances tone and flexibility giving them better physical benefits. As aging takes place the less activeness may come along and arthritis may become an issue. Massage may relieve pain and release endorphins which gives your Feel Good experience. Giving a professional massage can usually give a positive affect and can be well deserved.

Lymphatic Drainage

Massage can assist in blood and lymph circulation. Localizing inflammation, stimulating the fluid to ease stagnation “stocking up”, removal of wastes are very beneficial with massage.

Myofascial Release

Facial restrictions can limit movement and reduce blood flow and nutrition.  Massage may assist in releasing fascia restrictions.

Horses also benefit from massage.The Chinese and Romans of ancient times, practiced massage for horses. Massage has been widely accepted and recognized.

 Self-Healing of the horse depends on emotional stability, lifestyle, exercise, soundness, nutrition, and hygiene. These are our responsibility.  Providing expert massage aids the body’s ability to heal itself back to health.

To assist in the healing body of the horse depends on emotional stability, lifestyle, exercise, soundness, nutrition, and hygiene fall onto our responsibility.  Providing expert massage therapy helps the body’s ability to heal itself back to health.

Just the same as our human athletes in reaching top performance, whether, your horse is active in jumping, x country, dressage, and even pleasure riding, your horse can be prone to injuries. If your horse is young or old, massage has its place.  A professional massage touch and technique can be a very strong healing influence on the horse.  It is used to release stress, and to assist in recovery from injuries, helps with the circulatory system, muscular and nervous systems. Massage also helps with the tired and tense muscles by giving more flexibility. It also helps in dispelling toxins and increase oxygen for a better metabolism to enhance with pre or post performance and shorter recuperation time and this assists with the ability for the body to function more efficiently.  Massage also assists with the lymphatic system which provides cleansing and filtering of toxins as well as myofascial release which promotes healing and relieves pain and aims to free constrictions or blockages in the fascia

The nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord which carry information to body parts.  This nervous system is susceptible to pressure. We have to remember that this is the area where we sit in our saddles.

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