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By: Montelake Forest Products  09-12-2011
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Treating Facility

Monte Lake Forest Products has its own treating facility, allowing us to ensure our products receive the correct amount of treatment.

Our facility includes a covered drying area complete with a cement pad to prevent treatment from falling onto the ground.

The facility also includes a drying / warming tent (heated in the winter), used to dry the wood to an ideal moisture content that will allow the untreated product to accept the correct amount of Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) treatment.


Monte Lake Forest Products uses CCA preservative. Untreated wood posts may fail in as little as a year; our pressure treatment process forces the preservative into the wood's cellular structure to provide a longer lasting, in-depth protection from fungal decay and termites.

MLFP pressure treated products retain all the advantages of wood -- good looks, strength, and workability -- and they are less expensive, longer lasting, and stronger than metal posts.

With MLFP, you can "set them and forget them".


MLFP pressure treated pine posts will stand up to these steadily applied loads (approximate) before breaking.

Diameter Length Load Capacity
2.5" 4' 225 - 250 lbs
4" 4' 915 - 1025 lbs
6" 4' 3080 - 3455 lbs

Meeting Government Environmental Standards

In 2001, the federal government mandated a program to require all treating facilities in Canada to meet strict environmental standards. Monte Lake Forest Products is on schedule to complete this program, which will ensure that the MLFP treating facility is environmentally safe and meets all federal treatment facility standards.

Custom Treating

Monte Lake Forest Products can treat wood products up to 80 feet in length and 6 feet in diameter. If you need custom treating work, MLFP would be pleased to discuss your custom treating requirements.

Keywords: forest products, wood products

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