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By: Poets Potpourri Society  09-12-2011
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The Haggard Road: Selected Poems and Photos

by Shelley Haggard

“I have tried with this first book to share my love of writing and occasionally the spark of where an idea germinates from. I feel there are many poems in this volume for the reader to connect to. The photos stand alone as stories and sometimes punctuate the poetry. I am very proud of this effort and hope you’ll enjoy the ride on The Haggard Road.”  – Shelley Haggard

Praise for The Haggard Road:

Shelley Haggard’s poetry has a fresh, jaunty quality that at first belies a deeper, darker, complex and sometimes sardonic voice.  She uses sharp metaphor and deceptively simple rhyme to catch the reader, much in the manner that a flytrap uses nectar or a siren lures ships. There is no escaping the inevitable sucker punch to the sternum waiting for the reader, leaving them breathless.”  – Steven R. Duncan (free-lance writer, mentor, producer, publicist, art promoter and poet)

“I love your book! What I appreciate most in the poetry is the great depth without too much ambiguity.
I appreciate the frankness and brashness with which you bare your soul in your writings.” – Mark Striebel

“You show in your love poems strong emotion, a raw reality but sensitive softness. As with your video poems; they have a heartbeat to them. I am fascinated by your choice of photographs. This is a very, very good book.” – John Herl

The Haggard Road will be available for purchase at its Blue Moon Reading launch:

June 20

Clearbrook Library

32320 George Ferguson Way,

Abbotsford, B.C.

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.


A Trail of Light (poems for the journey)

A Trail of Light (2010) is a collection of poetic writings by three Canadian poets (Thurlow Gowan, Brayden Sawatzky, and Nicholas Roberts), each from a different generation with a very different style of expressing themselves. Together their poems form a vivid portrayal of thoughts and emotions, engagingly expressed in a tapestry of life, love, spirituality, and humour.

The Three Amigos: Thurlow Gowan, Brayden Sawatkzky and Nicholas Roberts - Photo © 2010 by Shelley Haggard

Thurlow, Brayden, and Nicholas met and became friends through the Poets Potpourri Society in Abbotsford, B.C.

Price: $15.00 (includes postage and shipping)


River of Words

River of Words is the MSA Poetspotpourri Society’s latest project. This anthology was released in 2009 in a celebration in which various of our poets shared their newest work with the community.

River Of Words’ unique design includes beautiful photographs of Fraser Valley rivers (many by Brayden Sawatzky). The cover photo (front, back and opened bookmark flap) is “Sunset on the Fraser”  by Rita Carrington.


Poetic Spirits of the Valley

Poetic Spirits of the Valley, released September 2006, is an anthology of poetry and writings by members of the MSA PPS.

There is also a section devoted to the founding and history of the PPS and a section on the post SE2 celebration that the PPS sponsored.


I Am The Poem

I Am The Poem is PPS’ editor Alvin G. Ens’s second book of verse and represents the culmination of a lifetime spent teaching and thinking about poetry. “Deep thoughts and honest emotions, artistically expressed, are the writer’s treasures. And they are the readers’ treasures to unearth as they read.”

Please send $16.95 (Cdn) cheque or money order to Ensa Publishing, 3947 Paradise Place, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 8E3. Shipping is included.


Musings on the Sermon

The biblical Sermon on the Mount is poetic in imagery and in thematic formulation. In Musings on the Sermon, Ens responds to the Sermon and other scriptures in poetry, in mostly free verse.

Margaret Loewen, Managing Editor of the Canadian Mennonite says “Alvin Ens’ poetic meditations cast a new, and sometimes startling, light on the familiar Sermon on the Mount.”

Paperback, published in 2002, 126 pages.

Please send $15.95 (Cdn) cheque or money order to Ensa Publishing, 3947 Paradise Place, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 8E3. Shipping is included.


Trilogia En Cuatro

TRILOGIA EN CUARTRO was a cooperative effort between three Canadian poets with roots in Latin America. The trio joined forces with veteran jazzman Paul Choisil, originally from Haiti, to present an evening of music and poetry. After months of rehearsals, the cd was recorded before a live audence and captures the passion and synergy of the group.



Fritzy is a novelette, based on Fritzy’s childhood. It is a combination of memories, history, facts, and a lot of imagination. However, Fritzy’s “true story”, is a true story. You will cry and you will laugh.

And you know what, Fritzy knows she has a soul. Informative reading for a ten year old. Delightful reading for an adult.


Family Reunion

Lora Zill, editor of the poetry journal Time of Singing says of this book: “Nesdoly’s refreshing vision of God and belief in the power of language to enrich the intelligent reader lifts this collection above the ordinary. Reading her work feels like the sudden surprise of a rush of cool mountain air. You feel her pleasure as she writes.”

Published by Utmost Christian Writers Foundation, 2007

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

ISBN 978-0-9734043-6-4

Perfect bound, 60pp



The wise man said, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Calendar contains the poetry of those times: times of birth and death, spring and fall, everyday life and celebration, laughter and crying, beginning and ending.

Published by SparrowSong Press, 2004

Surrey, B.C., Canada

ISBN 0-9735842-0-3

Saddle stitched, 60pp

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Keywords: photos, Poems, Poetry