By: Dougness Holdings  09-12-2011
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Flushing and Cleaning:

We clean storm and sanitary sewer lines removing grease roots rock & gravel and other debris allowing water and sewage to flow freely and reduce the chance of blockages.

Our Vactor jet rodders are capable of 2000 PSI at 80 gallons or water per minute with this pressure and water flow root, grease and debris blockages are easily removed. Regular cleaning of sewer lines can virtually eliminate the chance of a costly sewer backup. Contact us about annual or semi annual maintenance programs. 


Easement Cleaning:

Sewer lines that are run through backyards or right of ways offer poor access for sewer cleaning trucks. And often go without maintenance. But with our Easement machine we have no problem maintaining such lines. This machine is small enough to go trough most backyard gates. And offers the same cleaning pressures and water flow as our Vactor trucks.  

Root Removal:
Roots have always been a major problem for underground pipes, causing blockages and sewer backups. We offer two solutions to this problem, cutting the roots using hydraulic cutters or the use of Rootx a chemical designed to kill the root but not harm the tree or plant. 

Grease Removal:
Grease is another problem in sanitary sewers as it hardens on the walls of pipes it begins to greatly reduce and restrict the amount of flow eventually causing total blockage and sewer backup. Each of our trucks is equipped with a wide variety of cutters to deal with any grease problem.

Grease Buildup (Catch Basin Cleaning):
We also clean catch basins, sump manholes and water valves. Our trucks are capable of a 25-foot vertical lift making it easy to clean sanitary lift stations or other deep chambers.

Vacuum Excavation:
This is a safe alternative to digging when there are numerous underground services such as gas and water lines we are capable of digging a hole with our vacuum trucks with out the risk of damage to underground services.

CCTV Inspection:
CCTV Inspection of sewers is a necessary part of any sewer maintenance program. As sewers are prone to many problems such as Grease build up, roots, cracked, deformed or broken pipes.

Dougness Holdings is capable of inspecting pipes from 3 inch to 6 feet in diameter Inspections can be recorded on VHS SVHS or in MPEG all of our operators are trained and certified in WRc and NAPPI coding. Reports are available in hard copy and digital format.

We also do manhole inspections complete with photographs, also available in hard copy and digital format.


 Dougness Holdings Uses Inuktuns Mini track system with the Spectrum 90 PTZ camera. Inuktun Services is located in Nanaimo BC and was recently featured on the Discovery Channel.

Other Services:
Perimeter drain cleaning
Septic field cleaning
Pipe Locating
Household drain cleaning
Maintenance programs available

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