Swim Diaper

By: Cloth Diapers Eh!  26-10-2010
Keywords: British Columbia, Baby Gifts, Cloth

 Small/Medium swim diaper fits 10-27 lbs
Large swim diaper fits 25-34 lbs

This diaper won't swell in the water, but is absorbant enough to catch any mess. Made to be worn as a swim bottom, but also works well under a swimsuit. ***Now comes with hidden snaps in the arms to increase comfort on Babies tender legs.***

Outer: 2 mil waterproof PUL

Body Layers: 1 layer of sport mesh, and one layer diaper flannel

Snaps will vary in colour. Please specify gender (or neutral), and we will match accordingly.

Keywords: Baby Gifts, British Columbia, Cloth, Swim Diapers